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I was born via combusta with Venus 29Lib, Sun 0Scorp, Mercury 1Scorp in the House of Children. I've got Mars and Vesta floating backwards in mutible air in the House of Secrets. On paper this would look fun to me, but I'm 19 and think I have everything there is to know figured out, and feel bored and useless in society. It is my belief that since time is nonlinear, we predestine our stars before birth.

Now since we can see the body of God naked, after experiencing your stars, I'm interested to know what you would change them to if you were "born again" Some of math might not line up, but you get the idea.

I would be born on the cusp of Gemini/Cancer in Midheaven. Mercury would be in Gemini in a conjunction with Jupiter. That would make my ascendant Virgo and right on the line of the ascendant would sit the planet Uranus. At the IC I would Neptune and in the ne it would trine Mars and se it would trine Venus. And Saturn I would put in 0 Aries.

I wouldn't be stopped at nothing

I wouldn't be stopped at nothing


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My Leo Asc and Capricorn Sun make me tempted to say that my chart is perfect and any change to it would defile its integrity.

I really do think that though. Although not quite with that wording. But I like my chart. I like the things I've learned and the person I've become all by living with this dandy chart. I like my observant Aquarian nature, Leo-like friendliness (along with the ego), Capricorn drive and stability, Piscean artistic ability, Sagittarian enthusiasm, basically everything! I've even grown fond of my pansytastic 12th house, retrograde, Cancer Mars.

I don't mean to sound extremely narcissistic, but there is no person I'd rather be than myself.

Although it would be interesting to view the world from a water-sign-dominant perspective. Would everything be more beautiful or just more instability-causing? Hah.
If people really are reborn, then I want to be a person with some Aries influences. I have no Aries influence in my chart. I'd like to live with that and see what that's like.

But my current chart doesn't need changing. Life has been good to me so far. Changing my chart would change the course of events my life has taken and my reactions to things, so everything would be different. Even a slight change could be significant.
I would wipe all my chart/slate off and live a free life :tongue:. Since I am binded by a natal chart, I will try an envision what a new one would be like, for pure escapism. Saturn rising in Virgo, is hard and tiring. It would be nice for once, not have inhibitions around myself. If I want to wear a bright pink dress I will, and I wouldn't approach life defensively and be all anxious about what others think of me. I can't completely lose Saturn altogether, so let's put him in the 10th house, a bit of ambition never killed anyone (maybe it did, I don't know :tongue:). Pluto in 2nd house, I am used to living on nothing, and can get by. He can stay there for now.

I really like my Uranus in 3rd house it's makes some gorgeous aspects, and is well placed by house and some say by sign (exalted). Uranus is the most trined/sextiled planet in my chart. The only square it receives is from Mars in Aquarius and it's in mutual reception. I can cope with being an outsider (Mars square Uranus). The whole aspect is more mental in expression and relates to work, health etc. I don't hold a permanent job down for long, and I don't want to (check the rebelliousness) unless it's more exciting and challenging:tongue:.

Sun - Saturn can go too (binned).


I will have Sun conjunct Jupiter instead because it was wonderful in transit and in my 7th house. I felt loved under that transit and all a glow :love:. Moon square Neptune is O.K actually, it's a watery world I exist in, and I have the aspect repeated 3 times over (sign, house aspect etc.). Moon-Neptune can stay, it's quite oversensitive and I don't want to have it in tears. Now, I feel bad that I rejected Sun-Saturn, and he already feels rejected and is low in confidence. Mercury in Pisces square Neptune is difficult mentally, how do you lift the mind from the sea of imagination, and bring it back to reality. The Neptune world is addictive and the Saturnian one is cold and hard. However, I am not sure I could part with Mercury-Nep. I may miss the aspect if it vanished completely. It's a hindrance to my writing, and I would write clearer without it. I would I lose all creativity, and I am not sure I would give all that up even for a Mercury trine Saturn. Mercury-Neptune can stay.

I don't have a really tough chart, and I like the rest. :love:
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I would remove my uranus from the 7th house! So that I could have a lifelong stable relationship.... And delete my venus/moon square neptune, so maybe wont romatisize everything? even love....

Neptune Rising

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I have a 'grass is greener' mind set quite often anyway, to find it never is! :sideways:

But, I might move Saturn retrograde in Cancer to the 9th house instead of the 7th.

Lunar Pisces

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I wish I had more fire, more cardinal and more quintiles in my chart. A fire singleton, a cardinal singleton and 3 quintiles isn't always enough overcome the desultory, hypersensitive and impulsive qualities of my air-heavy and mutable-heavy chart. Add to that, I'm a lunar Piscean. I'm very creative, intellectually nimble, psychically receptive, insightful and verstile. But while I have the talent, I lack the follow-through to realize that talent the majority of the time. And with a 10th house Sun, Venus conjunct Saturn and Merc conjunct MC, it's very frustrating to me that I haven't accomplished more with my life, especially with my creative talents. I have spent my entire life feeling like a Paul McCartney who's never found his John Lennon (my fire singleton, BTW, is Neptune, so I chronically feel unfulfilled and isolated as well!).

Also, I would like something to soften up my Venus/Saturn opposing Jup/Nep config. That is just draining too much of the time.

And having Merc square my ASC, well, I could live without that too. It's very disheartening to a Gemini to be repeatedly misunderstood, not to mention it makes my 7th house Pisces moon cry. :(
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I'm not sure. I like my chart. It makes me who I am, but I think I'd tone down the pluto squares a bit. Maybe give myself a few more trines and move that 8th house retro saturn.


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You can't have perfect chart, you have to sacrifice something, somewhere.

I think of a chart as a guide, depicting favourable and unfavourable factors. Once you know what these are, you are better equipped to navigate through the ups and down of life, something that we all have to face.

I also think this is a point that is lost on skeptics of astrology. Most only think of astrology as newspaper predictions and if you are aided by astrology, there should be no lows in life, that is simply not the case for any individual, no matter how perfect their chart may be.
I wouldn't change a thing cos spiritually if I didn't learn my Lessons this time around I know I would have to come back again. I chose this life, my chart, my Lessons and I'm not going to dream or cop out of responsibilities to my Higher Self, my Soul :)


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I'd get rid of my retrogrades, get Saturn out of the 1st house, and the Sun and Moon out of 6, as well as taking the Moon off of Algol. I'd also move Mercury to Gemini and create a harmonious aspect between my 1 and 7 rulers, as well as put them in better dignity. And ditch my peregrine Mars for one that's in triplicity - wouldn't want it stronger than that, but triplicity would do nicely, thanks, and keep it from squaring my Moon.

Funnily enough, I knew everything when I was 17. Then I started getting older, and it all got a LOT more complicated. I know very little know That may simply be a function of age.

Guess what 1st House Saturn, you were right