Your Favourite Films!

Phoenix Venus

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My most recent favorite is prometheus. I've watched it about 5 times since i got it on dvd last year. Holy **** it blows me away. every. single. time. Probably largely in part by some of the uncomfortable truths that ridley scott was aiming to expose through the film. in the making of, he said something like "promethues is not about distorting the truth, it's about dancing around it."

Aside from that, too many to remember to list :p
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I buy a bunch of DVDs of movies every month. A few always sit languishing on the side table.
I watched one of the neglected ones tonight. I guess I saved the best for last, unknowingly.
Best movie I've seen all year...maybe in a number of years. "Silver Lining". I laughed, I cried [yeah, want to make something of it?], it moved me.

See it with someone you love or hope to.

[...and GREAT soundtrack...btw.]


Ghost World, Art School Confidential, Inception, any with the Brat Pack, American Psycho, I love Cillian Murphy and Christian Bale.