Your Favorite Astrology Sites


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I used to read articles on Astrology a lot, but I find an in depth book or a Video Log is the best. Alyssa Sharpe is one of the best Astrologers on YT, and Debra Silverman is great too; their content has been a great help. (!)
The incomparably best I've found for free reports that are actually long and detailed, and provide so much insight and opportunity for healing. I've donated to the site because I've used it so much, and because it allows you to get some of the few reports you can't have for free, and they're generous like no other, they gave me many extra tickets for free. Beautiful, trustworthy site.


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Hi guys,

We've just launched new astrology site with a social twist. You can mark other users as friends, create groups etc. The idea is that all users natal charts can be seen by other registered users. There's also section (library) where users can write their own experiences/interpretations regarding certain astrological configuration and they can be voted.

Registration is free, no ads :)

If you're interested, site can be found at

- Alpha Tauri


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There was few websites in my list. Most of the sites are not working. I can see only the blue screen with few related links (Not sure why it's appearing in that way. :smile:)

However this one is my favorite astrology website.

Good morning Emily,

I also like reading on astrosofa. Thanks to all the others, now I have a lot of websites and apps to check out! I'm always open for new impressions!

Have a great day!