Your Favorite Astrology Sites

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I thought it might be a good idea to have a designated place to share any particularly helpful/interesting astrology websites we may come across. Please feel free to contribute to this growing list! :D

Part I: Basic Sites

Skyscript: Astrological Articles

The Message of the Stars, by Max Heindel

Bob Marks Astrologer

Tim's Advanced Chart Interpretation

Astrology with Jan Spiller

Cafe Astrology

Astrology Database

Astrology Life Tips

Astrology Panplanet


Basic Concepts of Astrology

Selected Writings by Antero Alli


Group Venus

Arian Maverick

P.S. These links can also be found in a thread called HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! =( on the Natal & Predictive Astrology Board.

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Nice sites and thanks Arian Maverick for setting it up! I also like this site as well some are astrology related, but the rest can be interesting as well.

It's Astropro's Website of the Week. You'll even find yearly archives of sites from 1996! Here it is:

and an old favorite that got me even more interested in astrology was

They even have a matchmaking database now which is interesting.

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I am so pleased with the responses to this thread! Great websites, everyone! :mrgreen:

EDIT: I thought I'd also post the link I shared with jenluvsblackcat on the thread Soldier...?. The site is called Group Venus and offers free astrological reports via e-mail :wink:

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:) Hello,

I'm moving Lyk's post of URL "" (see below) from another board to this thread

Jupiter Square Northern Moon's Node:

Sometimes you fail to recognize opportunities or do not understand when you should take the initiative to do something. As you evade looking for the purpose behind unpleasant experiences, your general dissatisfaction with life does not let itself be ignored. All that is necessary is for you to change directions and recognize the signs of the times. Draw consequences out of your experiences and change your attitude or your philosophy of life.

Sometimes you force yourself to continue on with things that you know are not going to work out. There are times when you are convinced of things that are not confirmed by reality, which is why you should open up and try to meet people. Also more tolerance would be beneficial in your efforts to reach your goals.


--and thanks for a great link!


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I have a site to add:
It was originally co-founded, I believe, by Jan Spiller. She formed another and this is run by her ex-partner, Stephanie Azaria. She does the daily "weather", as she calls it. It is very informative, especially for beginners, and may be of special interest to those who look for the spiritual point of view on the day's aspects.
One of my favourite sites is Friends Communities there is all sorts on here. Including a beginners Astrology course and an intermediate one that has just started. The Astrologer who teaches the lessons is really understandable. You can read the transcripts of the lessons.

Here is the link

I have tried the link doesn't seem to work, google Friends Communities and it you should find it.

Shining Ray :)


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Does anyone know some interesting links about asteroids and the Arabic parts?
I've found several links about Chiron and the Part of Fortune, but not about all the other parts, points and asteroids.
And how they operate in certain houses and under certain aspects.
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