Your experience with Neptune transiting personal planets?


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What was your experience of Neptune transiting personal planets?
Do your natal Neptune aspects determine how you experience Neptune?
If the positive side of Neptune is intuition, compassion and artistic work, and the negative side is deceipt, dreaminess, impracticality, would you expect Neptune's transits to impact each personality differently?
I'd love to hear from you!:happy:


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I had this transit a few years ago. I did the fool in love thing. I started socially drinking, which I hadn't done for years. I began meditating with crystals. Never saw that one coming. I developed foot problems. My allergies went out of control. I also worked with people with mental illnesses and drug addictions.
That's about it for me.


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Neptune is conjunct Mars right now in my chart. I feel a loss of energy, I dream more than I put things into literal action. I spend a lot of time at home, though my home circumstances are tense. I feel loss and unsure.

I mostly have positive natal aspects to Neptune, so I'm able to dream and be creative. But it's still frustrating.


I also have tr. Neptune conj. Mars. Very dreamy and creative. Not much getup and go! More like, lay around and

I started making music during this transit and that is significant!! Certain aspects of that adventure feel very intuitive and natural. Like I missed this huge thing in my life and now (at 49) I finally found it!

I also have a comfortable relationship with substances these days--I have a drink or a toke regularly and enjoy it.

My most difficult Neptune transit was from 2014-16 when it squared my moon (at 8 Sag in H1)
Discovered my life/business partner had been deceiving me, our relationship was a sham, and he became terribly dishonest and manipulative, to the point that his final betrayal nearly destroyed me. Never have I been so trusting of someone and had my world shattered.

This was, for me, the greatest and most difficult lesson of my life. Coinciding with tr. Saturn in the first, the ending of that relationship allowed me to rebuild many aspects of my life with real conscious awareness. And the Neptune disillusionment was a big factor in that happening.

In the next few years I will learn about Neptune square my natal Venus at 27 Sag. Should be interesting. My eyes are open, and I hope to avoid the typical romantic pitfalls of that one, but I suppose, after what I've been thru, I will experience whatever I need to grow and become more solid in myself.


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Neptune square Mars gave me leaks and mold issues in the home, exposure to narcotics and paranormal phenomena.

During Neptune conjunct Moon, initially my living arrangements were unstable and was moving around a lot. Eventually I landed a really nice riverside apartment, but the landlord lost it after about 6 months. I also got a really bad ear infection from a swimming pool and discovered I had a food allergy and changed my diet during this period.


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Let's say the strength of Neptune in the natal chart, along with whatever debilitated energies there are and where in the chart.....will be affected with any particular Neptune to personal planet transit.
But even if Neptune is not difficult or powerful in the natal, a combination of Neptune transit a personal planet can be devastating if OTHER planets are negatively aspecting said person planet....until the planets separate and the focus is removed from that personal planet or area.

But the word "devastating" is even misleading because the house in question and the planet in question may prove very difficult for one person and another person might just be "winged" and escape with few bruises.

So it's very specific to the chart in question.


So true about the variations of the natal, plus concurrent activating transits. My example of the tr. Neptune square my Moon really got unpleasant when tr. Saturn arrived to conjunct my moon as well. I got shown how far off track I had gone in my life path.

Now, having said that, one of the great lessons I learned thru the difficulty is that I had (unconsciously) spent years trying to be someone I was not, and the difficult transits only served to point this out to me through external influences causing me all kinds of stress and strife.

Had I been living more or less in better alignment with my true nature I would say things might not have been so devastating.

So when transits are pleasant or unpleasant also has a great deal to do with the individual! (their sense of self, their awareness/consciousness, etc.) Even if there are difficult aspects in the natal, I would say more than anything, it depends on how the person has been living their life.

The lessons of the difficulties we experience in life, as we track them with astrology, can point the ways we can course-correct.

So don't fear the transits, be as aware as you can about what life shows you during those times, and know that shifting is gonna happen, whether you think you want it or not!


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neptune has been hovering over my sun for a few years, moving towards my moon then mercury (sun 8deg pis, moon 16deg pis, merc 22deg pis).

my dad died, had to let go of outworn ways of being in order to manage my families affairs. a lot of sacrifice there.

moved across the country where i didnt know anyone, went through a period of extreme loneliness, was betrayed by a few people i thought were my friends. lost money.

bought a house, only to find out that the plumbing was all out of whack.

got burnt out at work, had to leave my dream job, and take another that i'm trying to make the best of.

was extremely tired for many months. had no energy for anything but what was essential. slept constantly.

overdid it with drugs/alcohol to escape, walked the line of addiction, then started becoming extremely sensitized to all those same substances, and had to cut down.

started praying.

developed idiopathic itching and hives, i still itch and go red and get hives for no reason. also developed heartburn.

started going very grey all of a sudden.

went from being a pretty sexual person all my life, to essentially celibate. my attitude towards sex has drastically changed. its not that i dont desire sex anymore, but the thought of sleeping with someone that im not in love with and vice versa almost repulses me.

now i'm going through this period of hypersensitization. i was always empathic to a degree, but its to the point where i always know how people are feeling. i can literally feel peoples emotions, i can talk to them and automatically know things about them and how they feel. people are drawn to me and confide in me constantly. it can be overwhelming at times. its on some deanna troy level. i need to spend even more time alone to recharge. i used to be a party animal in my youth but i hardly go out to parties now.

recently i radically changed my diet. i feel a pressing need to meditate, which i dont do enough. i generally feel a pressing need to become more spiritual. i listen to a lot of spiritual talks. i feel a pressing need to take care of my body and heal myself of all my past traumas, which keep surfacing here and there.

i've always been sensitive to music, but its next level now. i have to be very careful of what i listen to because it can totally affect my mood and give me anxiety. if music is too loud or abrasive or has negative lyrics, it really unsettles me and i have to get away from it immediately.

i have a lot of anxiety over the thought of neptune moving towards my moon, because i am afraid that my mother will die.

i thought that neptune transiting my sun would be a great experience as a pisces - in truth its been the most challenging time of my life, even though i see how it is benefitting me in the long run.

edit: my neptune is in my first house.
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Nahema: you said, "Now, having said that, one of the great lessons I learned thru the difficulty is that I had (unconsciously) spent years trying to be someone I was not, and the difficult transits only served to point this out to me through external influences causing me all kinds of stress and strife."

First of all, don't beat yourself up about this seeming waste of time. The only way you know that you have BEEN unconscious is coming into "consciousness" again. And your story is very common. It begins very young. If "acting" a specific way makes people around you happier or less critical, it's natural for you to continue to "act" in the way that makes you experience the least abuse from the outside world as possible.

Neptune transits are LONG and if they aren't on your side (ie: difficultly transiting), you can just feel it will never end. Or continue the behaviors without knowing how to change.

It really helps to be able to point to a specific transit or group of transits and know that they have been the cause - more or less- of the experiences you have just had.

And...hopefully, during the next difficult transits you will have some information that you have gathered - to avoid the worst. Or at least not be "complicit"in your own difficulties.


Ah yes, thank you LIN. You are right! One never knows how much they never knew until they know it.

One of the most painful things about that transit was the discovery of the treachery, lies and planning involved on the part of my ex.

Funny thing, is my moon is 8 Sag and his is 11 Sag. So after I discover his treachery, lies, deception etc. we broke up and I left town.
Then he had the SAME transits: two years of Neptune square HIS moon and about 8 months of Saturn driving back and forth over it at the same time. I can only imagine what his transit was about...

I do wonder what Neptune square moon transits are like when one is not being actively deceived...anybody have any thoughts on that?

I think I dodged a bullet there. And, as freaking painful as it all was, I do believe nothing less would have opened my eyes. Good ol' outer planets doin their job!
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Much has to do with the houses occupied by Neptune and the personal planet in question, during the transit.

So if the Moon is in the 3rd house when squared by Neptune , it will probably operate, and the experiences different, from it would be if the Moon was in the 9th house.

But Neptune square the Moon of course will always affect the emotions, the habits, and of course the house RULED by the Moon (or whatever personal planet is that is being aspected).

Most people have experience with some sort of depression during the time....and the way they deal with that depends upon the other planets and transits at the same time.


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I know this thread is a bit old but just wanted to say that I've had similar experiences to Milkywaygirl's. Neptune has been hovering over my sun for a year or so, and it's keeping me in its grips for another year and a half apparently (Pisces Sun at 13), and it's in my 5th.
My father died. I lost a job (although it turned out that that was a good thing actually).
I met someone who I thought was THE ONE, only to realize he was a weak and sad individual, cheated on me, was unable to stick with me through the thick parts, he broke my heart, overlapped with another girl while I was mourning my dad, really sucked out the life in me. But only now do I realize that even when I thought I was happy with him, I was not. I wanted to but was lying to myself. I still can't get him out of my head because my ego was badly bruised. All of this has taken a toll on my sleep, I've had to start taking sleeping pills, otherwise I would have probably had a breakdown.
So, yes Neptune conjunct an important planet can be really tough and I'm still trying to figure it out but I do think there is a silver lining but you have to have patience. I'm pretty certain that despite the heartbreak, getting away from that person was the best thing I could do for myself. Just as the job I lost turned out to be a good thing. It's just that when it comes to matters of the heart it's more painful to see that silver lining and it takes more time I guess... On the positive side, I've started doing a lot of charity work, I'm much less self-centered, I used to be hot-headed and impatient, and I've been doing a lot to overcome that, started therapy, etc. All in all I feel that Neptune is helping me become a better person. And it always takes a toll. Just be patient... :)


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Dear Msariel,
Thanks for sharing your experience in a candid, helpful manner. I have been reading your post response over and over again, and can't thank you enough.

I can only imagine how painful these experiences were, and at least you should feel justice was served when you realize that most of these changes (the job, the ex) were for the better...
I just realized that you've had some other transits going on at the time, e.g 1) Saturn in Sagit. squaring your Sun (afflicting your natal sun and eventually grounding you to reality = seeing what the ex really was like;
2) Pluto in Capricorn, back then in sextile to your natal sun. This could be a supportive influence as your personal strength and character would protect you from further deceit and vulnerabilities.

Thank you very much, once more, and I'd be glad to return the courtesy and see your natal chart, if you wish.
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Dear Oceanis, thank you so much for your kind reply, I thought this thread was too old and I wouldn't get a response... :)

I never thought of taking the Pluto sextile into consideration, I don't know why but I tend to overlook sextiles :) so thanks for that insight! But then again I'm an amateur when it comes to astrology :) I know that I've been having Pluto squaring my Mars in the 1st house for a while, maybe that has also given me the strength to stand up for myself. I could have easily remained in that toxic relationship, especially after my dad died late June. But the day after his death I had such a surge of anger and energy and I ended the relationship kind of abruptly, like some force had taken hold of me... Useless to say I then spent months crying but never called back. Until, at the September full moon squared by Neptune, the ex calls and tells me he is with someone else. There was the nervous breakdown. I guess I hoped that he had used that time to work on himself, but instead he had already jumped in a new relationship. What a fool I was. I'm rambling, sorry! but I'd definitely love for you to take a look at my chart! I'll post it below.

I must say I'm dreading Neptune conjuncting my Sun exactly again at the beginning March 2 - 3, and with a full moon. I hope that by then fate will have decided to cut me some slack and I'll get to experience the positive side of Neptune for once :) I never thought of Neptune in a
I'm still learning astrology, and, man, has it been of great help in these difficult times!

But what about you? How did you experience Neptune transits? I'd like to know more...


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: Your experience with Neptune transiting personal planets?

Hello Ariel,
you have a very interesting chart.
The grand trine between Sun in Pisces, Moon in Cancer, and Jupiter, shows that your Career peak and success will be related to caring for people/communities in distress, and travel. I envision something like a United Nations humanitarian work... :w00t: :biggrin:

When Pluto transits and enters Aquarius in a few years (2023), you will experience the strongest love of your life. For example, if you meet and marry someone earlier, 2023 will be the year when you TRULY appreciate and LOVE them after your love was tested in time. If you don't have a significant love life now, after 2020-2023 approaches you will meet the person, and this will be an all consuming love. VERY UNIQUE, with Plutonian loyalty, passion and intensity. :wink::biggrin:
When I experienced a trine I met my husband, so I can verify this.

Take care, and thanks for responding to my post :happy:


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Thank you Oceanis! I'll be on the lookout in 2023, can't wait :biggrin:
What do you think about the Saturn opposition to my cancer moon in 2018?


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Saturn isn't a 'personal' planet, so sorry it's a bit off-topic, but I recently had neptune opposing natal saturn and then it went retro and will hit my natal saturn again in January! :(

All I can say is it has been one of the most awful years of my life with more mountains yet to climb! Still smiling for now tho..:)