Your experience when reading charts alone...


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Point of the message I have been wondering about other astrologers' experiences when they read charts by themselves, instead of having a person with them (the person being most often the friend or the client).

Do you feel most comfortable reading charts by yourself or with a person "in front"?

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I am asking this because I don't like when I read the chart of famous people and I don't have them around... Since even though I am confident in my techniques (that are still under technical and philosophical development since, but have the tendency to work practice), I wanna see how much they can describe a person, especially on a deep psychological level. About concrete stuff, I can't, not due to lack of principles, but due to lack of practice since my techniques are pretty much based on my philosophical conclusions of astrology (and everything that relates to it) -> Astrological software is often more for "commercial" use than for research use -> I do a lot of research and thinking -> lot of research and thinking = higher chance of new ideas -> new ideas need new calculations -> I can't selfishly push developers to program what I want -hence- I will learn programming at college to get a job + to actually have the capacity of doing my own stuff... I don't want to reveal everything, but for example, I have logically (and I mean it when I say logically) concluded I can use three zodiacs at the same time, but with their respective components. The best software for research is Capricorn Prometheus Astrology software, since it allows a lot of customization - Still, I need some other features must be added, one of them being for example that I need them to incorporate the dasha year based on nakshatra days... Using other type of days to delineate the year cycle of the dashas is insane... I hope you know can figure out why before I have to explain it to you.

Sorry to the reader and to the involved... I never feel satisfied if I don't mention my motives and the cause behind my actions. I realize its a bit weird, but things being weird doesn't mean that they have no good reasons - there is much more complexity to it but -> The more information I input - The more information I get as an output > Even if the output is "harmful", I have the power to deal with it. I actually like to say what I think and it is actually fruitful, so why not do it?

I don't know exactly why common words aren't allowed in the tags, but, it maybe accurate to say that it's really bad that tags don't allow "common words" in this occasion of good intention... Wait, I think it may be for the topic to be easier to find, since common tags will make the topic more common due to tags being sort of like a train that connects the topic to the browser (I am talking about "browser" in a subject context), and a common train is "full of people". Sometimes analogies are better in the sense of having to lose less time explaining a concept.


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Well.... I am what is called a Counseling Astrologer. I mean the real thing not just someone who calls themselves that. I have the pre-requisite University degrees in counseling psychology, the 40 years of practice before I retired, and the 45 years of study in astrology.

No charts that I do for people involve a one shot deal. They are always structured along the lines of I share/you introspect/then you share. This can be done in person, on-line, or via Skype.

I don't write reports and then leave. I'm not sure that that answers your question; I might be the wrong person to ask since there are very very very few real counseling astrologers out there in TV Land.

So that also means that I don't do chart analyses except for the purpose of helping people through blocks in their life. And I have discovered that this kind of work is simply a waste of time for anyone who has not already experienced one Saturn Return. People simply don't have the maturity and the ability at introspection to do the job in an on-line environment. One-to-one this can be different, but after more than 40 years doing it, 75% with children, its really not that much different.