Your Astrology Weekly Screen Name


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Nice thread:).

First,I would like to make clear that my name is Lissa and not Lisa,as some people on other places sometimes think.Lissa is short for Melissa,and is one of the nicknames my dad usually calls me,among which are Lissocas and Lissinha.The last one is my favourite but the 'nh' sound doesn't exist in English so I decided to stick with Lissa:).

I like this user name,it's simple,easy to remember and doesn't say anything about me.You see,when you chose a name like,for example,HotGirlByTheBeach,people will look at your user name and think"This girl is hot and likes to hang out by the beach".When people look at my user name they think"This girl's name is Lissa".And the thinking stops there:).Which is exacly my intention.
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Kaiousei no Senshi

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You see,when you chose a name like,for example,HotGirlByTheBeach,people will look at your user name and think"This girl is hot and likes to hang out by the beach".When people look at my user name they think"This girl's name is Lissa".And the thinking stops there:).Which is exacly my intention.

I'm sorry, but I found this to be very funny. It's kind of strange, the assumptions we make based off of people's choices of usernames.

Anyway, my username means Neptune's Soldier. When I first came to the forum I was trying to come up with some cool username, so I looked in my natal chart for some kind of inspiration. Well, I found it in my Pisces Ascendant (big surprise), so I connected Pisces --> Neptune -- > Kaiousei. So, I just made it Kaiousei no Senshi. Whoo! This worked pretty well since my first several avatars were of Sailor Neptune, but now I wish I had made it just Planetary Soldier. -.-'

P.S. While I was writing this, a bad astrology commerical came on. You know the ones I mean. Where they have the glyphs for Signs drawn up on the screen in a little revolving circle. You know, the ones were the glyphs for Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio are facing the wrong way. Yeah, that's a reliable astrological source...


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I'm a Sagittarius with an Aquarius Moon. Also my Progressed Mars, Venus and Ascendant are all in Aquarius. Good cause for a screenname like Freedomlover, eh?

Also, I've always identified strongly and had a deep love for the Statue of Liberty. If my mother had been a hippie-chick instead of a fuddy-duddy, she would have named me "Freedom" or "Liberty" (born in the mid-60's) :p

And... I'm a lover, not a fighter.

So, the perfect screenname for me is "Freedomlover". :D


Nice thread. My name is the German word for thunderstorm. When I was looking for a name to join this forum there has been a thunderstorm outside. I needed a name and I like the tension in the air when there is a thunderstorm coming up. In the area where I live the thunderstorms are seldom severe. I think if it wasn't this way I wouldn't name myself 'Gewitter'. And it is the German word because I live in Germany.
Hm... but somehow recently I even feel a bit like a Gewitter... I hope I don't appear like one to others. :p


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My name comes from Circe, one of the most famous sorceress in greek mythology.
She made men who went to her place become animals, so it`s said that her temple was full of animals.

Actually they say that she would have relation with some kind of allucination herbs that produced the other people thought they were animals.

Also, she made a lot of work with her magic, specially for Zeus.

Anyway, is funny to say that my avatar and my sign is the image of my favourite goddess (as an arian, I must say I love fights) the image is from Eris, the fight goddess, Ares` sister.

Hi I am new too, my name is unique-earthling because i believe everyone is unique is their own way, human beings are awesome, full of potential. the

Human beings are constituted of:
Physical Body.
Etheric Body.
Astral Body.

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]What raises us above other known sentient beings is our ability to be conscious of our own consciousness. Being aware, [/FONT][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Other known aspects of consciousness are free will, reasoning, visual imagery, recalling and making choices. Emotional awareness stops us stumbling over ourselves trying to reach our goals, we can be whoever we choose to be, when we throw out our conditioning and become who we were meant to be. Now if that isnt unique i dont know what is..:cool:


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I wish I did not pick this name....
I sort of wish I had picked something more incognito....people know me by this one pretty I picked it...
Oh well :)


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I use mine mostly everywhere.

Dasein comes from the german "being there". It's also a philosophical term by Heideggger used to define existence (what he refers as being-in-the-world.)

Fleetingdasein then is self explanatory :D


I was doing research on Gemini and the constellations. I found the story of Castor and Pollux and decided to used Castor's name (except with a 'K', since my real name's Kat.)


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I chose my name as "he who dwells in Lórien, the gardens of the Vala Irmo in Valinor" a forest realm in Middle-Earth from Tolkien's in remembrance to the time when I was a bit more of a free spirit, a traveller and not sedentary city dweller as I am now...
Lorieno is also a forested place by the beach on the island of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean.


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I was regaling my friends with the story of when I first heard my kitten in heat. I thought it was eerie at first, and then annoying. I told them, "She's meowing a lot. And not a normal, sweet meow. This meow was inhuman! It was an inhuman meow!" And then I realized the irony of the sentence and it just stuck with me. :p


My name is my 14 year old Cat's name. She is a very active and kitten like Tonkinese. Her name is a Swahilli Name and means "Like a kitten" or "childlike". I guess that fits with my being new on here... :)

I have 7 cats almost all rescues. What sign am I???????? lol


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Kizmetbaby is a play on the word "kismet"...destiny...fate...anyway...I get cracked up at the people that think it's something to do with "kiss me" or kiz met baby...or something lame like that. It's kismet.


I went to Egypt about 10 years ago and they had the Great Pyramid closed for restoration so we got to go into the smallest of the 3, the Pyramid of Menkaure. An awesome experience. Hence, Menkaure


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I just chose a childhood nickname......I wanted to avoid anything astrological on an astrology forum, someone was bound to have come up with anything I thought of already! So, simply "barty" - its what all my friends call me, and I'm hoping to find a few more on here :)