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I have decided to change my name from Miss Saturn to Shining Ray. It was because something Tim had written about on the Pluto Transits thread. On how he changes users names to something more positive. He always called me Saturn and dropped the Miss.

I was thinking about the whole Miss part and the strange thing is I hate it when people talk to me like a young girl. I added Miss to my name because I thought people would think I was male with just the name Saturn. But it doesn't really matter what gender you are.

I want to let the light shine from my Sun, I am not saying Saturn is bad, because he isn't he is here as my teacher to help me learn about duties and responsibilities in life. Where as Saturn is the teacher and I am the personal Planet the Sun.

I have to learn about Saturn but it is about time I expressed myself, in a more positive way. New name and brand new perspective, hopefully.

Shining Ray


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It`s like Brain Damaged, but with the D and B reversed for those of you who haven`t figured it out yet =)

It`s like ....a peech imspediment =)

p.s. You`d be surprised how many people don`t get my name at all lol. I`m serious, too.
Hello, all. I'm brand new here. I chose my name because...

I'm a water sign (Cancer sun, Pisces moon and Mars) and feel I can strongly identify with what they say about water signs.

The 3rd, 6th, and 9th houses look most occupied in my chart, and ending the screen name with a "9" made it rhyme. Yay. :p


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When I was but a wee child, I loved the constellations and the stories behind them. My mom had just bought me a toy telescope and I would go out and try to spot them. Alas, because of those annoying street lamps (light pollution!), I could only see Orion and the Big Dipper. But I've always had a love of the night, especially the sky and the stars, so I combined them to form my name! :D


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i was looking for an email name and an online screen name for a dating site. i thought about the dating site and thought okay who are you and how can you relate it.... thought to myself "ahhhh you're just a girl". but just a girl was taken so i had to compensate a bit and came up with just_agirl666 (bday is 3/6/63 and the sign of the devil is 666 and the two end threes add to 6, so 666). i was feeling playful that day so where none of the combinations of just a girl would be allowed cause they were all taken on the email account i said ***** it, add 666 and freak people out. i don't know what planet is responsible for that action that day but some were really freaked by the 666 and i'm like calm down!

so i just used the acronym jag for just a girl. that's all i am really.... :)



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I'm a Cancer Sun Sign Male, living in Belgium
So i picked the Moon, as she rules my Sun Sign

I'm 9 Destiny and Full Name Number in numerology, so that's reflected in my avatar...
And the 9 in my avatar is a house number of a house I used to live in... How Cancer is that :38:


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Twiggy was my first cat. We gave her that name because when she came to us she was painfully skinny...Using her name for everything makes me remember her often.

Neptune Rising

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Mine should be Neptune conjunct Ascendant, Neptune Sag or Neptune falling 'cause its not really rising. But I think the planet looks beautiful in the pictures, and I feel Neptune's presence strongly in my life.

Off to the pub now :)

Edited to say, Neptune's influence is outside of the pub as well ;), in a more subtle psychic way which I think, to me now is the most important influence, helping to give a deeper understanding of life.

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The screen name Carole just came out of the blue when I first registered here and so I took it. On a second thought, it has nothing to do with Astrology but I think it perfectly fits my happy nature. Now I use it on other sites as well.


Oonah is the name of the little annoying pixy in a old fantasy-film called "legend". I'm really into the fantasy-thing and used to play a lot of pc-games and LARP's and allways used that nick, over the years it stuck and a lot of people know me only by this name. It means "one" or "pure" .


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what language is the word "oonah" taken from? its intresting it means "one".. like in spanish you got "uno".. quite a resemblence..

well what it "wee11"? i dont know better than you, i just made up a silly nickname to get inside the forum :p


Oonah :
- variant of Una \u-na\ is pronounced OO-nah Latin: (una) one, unity
Una, Unah, Oona, Oonah, Oonahg, onaugh
- variant of Agnes \ag-nes\ Greek: (Hagnes) pure
Agna, Aina, Inah, Oona, Oonahg, Oonah, Una, Unah
variant of Oona \o(o)-na\ is pronounced OO-nah. Gaelic: Unique
Also a phonetic spelling of Unah,(Gaelic) meaning "hunger" or "lamb".
Una, Unah, Oona, Oonah, Oonahg, onaugh



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my screen name is my "natal moon sign"

i'm "incognito" ..... this is me :p



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Hi Oonah, have to say I remember that film very well ! Isn't mentioned much that it was directed by Ridley Scott, and Tom Cruise was in there too.


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Crumbs newbie here, but twice your age and already you know at least twice more than I did at your age ! Bummer !!!
my anxiety goup got me a card to say thank you for all i had done for them and on the front it said womanof wisdom destined to go far and inside it said woman of wisdom indeed.i thought it was really special hence the screen name