Your Astrology Weekly Screen Name


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People who get snarky with me tend to switch my gender for some reason so here's what's up.

Iced stands for Saturn in Pisces. 8 is for my 8th house sun, and Ace was how I wanted to represent lucky Jupiter. I'm a girl.


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A combination of a few things...

It's the name of a beautiful guest cottage in the gulf islands where I have spent many happy vacations with my Aussie Lover Boy.

It also references the beauty of the Aurora, which up here in Northern Alberta is often fabulous.

The avatar is one of my Japanese peonies ("var. "Fancy Nancy" to be exact) which I photographed a few years ago.
How come I never noticed this thread?

I post on a lot of different types of forums so try to keep the same name and password on all of them so I don't get confused. However, on this forum it was already taken. I'm lazy so just 'stole' this one from another forum. That guy wouldn't be caught dead on here! :lol:


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Hi everyone,

I am new as well! I am Libra sun, Virgo rising, & Sagittarius moon.
My username is from the Greek mythology. The hesperides were the "daughters of the evening". They were the nymphs of evening and golden light of sunset. They tended a blissful garden. They are associated with the golden apples. Hesperos in Greek means "evening" and Hesperus is the Evening Star who is Venus.

I am born under Venus :)


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I was looking for a new car on the day, and seen one when passing a garage.

I have been thinking about it, and then when I was registering to the board, I was thinking about the name. I asked question , what did I do today? I have seen a car I liked.

Seen a car? = so how about Sena car? ==> Senecar


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I originally got it from a song named 'Lycanized', but I hooked onto it for probably a good 5+ yrs now. I always think we're drawn to images and names for deeper reasons than we may consciously realize

For me it relates to change and transformation, specifically, unwillful transformation of self, going through many intimate changes to the self and feeling like there's a 'beast within'. Idk if any of that makes sense, but in basics, I relate to the idea of sudden, sharp changes emotionally and in my life and feel often it controls me more than I control it. But really, I think now it's how I enjoy living. Without control or those ways
Hey beaus, greetings! well.. starting off with taurean in the username we know that is the original term for taurus and course I am taurus sun. Although I chose this term taurean because i prefer anything that is original. I am very sensitive to nature hence I am a humanitarian and a Pleiadian star seed. Then we have the other half of the username term which is 'astro'. Of course this is a short way of saying astrology and i know i mentioned i prefer anything original and not simplified but who wants a longer uername than that?!

In all you have here a:
Taurus :sun: Aquarius :moon: cancer ^ gemini in :venus: Mars in :aries: (yes, quick communicator although frustrating and quite aggressive with my words, forceful)-especially in person of course because when typing we think before we speak.
although of course in sidereal astrology I am an aries.
Any star seeds in this chatroom eh? it would be my pleaure to meet you all & hear what type of star seed you originate from.

Blessings my beaus! looking forward to speaking with you! <333.