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(Planet 1 is mine)
Planet 1 Aspect Planet 2 Orb

Her Eros Conjuncts My Psyche Gemini/Gemini..
Immortal Lover aspect

Sun Trine Moon 2.26
Sun Trine Venus 1.88
Sun Trine Jupiter 3.84

Sun Conjunction Lilith 1.79
Sun Square Vertex 1.58
Sun Sextile Ascendant 2.93
Sun Conjunction Midheaven 5.45

Moon Opposition Mercury 6.79
Moon Sextile Saturn 4.97
Moon Sextile Neptune 2.58
Moon Trine Pluto 0.41
Moon Sextile P. of Fortune 1.66

Mercury Trine Sun 2.80
Mercury Square Mercury 1.14
Mercury Quincunx Mars 0.54
Mercury Quincunx Chiron 0.13

Venus Trine Venus 4.29
Venus Sextile Node 2.80
Venus Sextile Ascendant 3.24

Mars Sextile Moon 4.21
Mars Sextile Venus 0.07
Mars Sextile Jupiter 5.80
Mars Quincunx Uranus 0.03
Mars Trine Node 1.42
Mars Square Vertex 0.37
Mars Trine Ascendant 0.98

Jupiter Quincunx Neptune 1.44
Jupiter Square Pluto 1.55
Jupiter Quincunx P. of Fortune 0.52

Saturn Quincunx Sun 3.56
Saturn Trine Mercury 0.39
Saturn Trine Mars 1.29
Saturn Conjunction Saturn 2.20
Saturn Opposition Chiron 0.88

Uranus Quincunx Moon 6.03
Uranus Quincunx Venus 1.89
Uranus Conjunction Uranus 1.79
Uranus Conjunction Neptune 4.45
Uranus Trine Vertex 2.19

Neptune Conjunction Neptune 0.73
Neptune Sextile Pluto 2.27
Neptune Conjunction P. of Fortune 0.19

Pluto Square Sun 7.10
Pluto Sextile Mercury 3.16
Pluto Opposition Mars 4.84
Pluto Sextile Saturn 1.34
Pluto Conjunction Pluto 3.22
Pluto Trine Chiron 4.43

Chiron Conjunction Moon 4.59
Chiron Sextile Mercury 5.57
Chiron Sextile Mars 3.88
Chiron Conjunction Jupiter 3.00
Chiron Conjunction Chiron 4.29
Chiron Trine Midheaven 1.40

Node Opposition Moon 1.95
Node Opposition Jupiter 0.37
Node Opposition Venus 6.01
(Star-Crossed Lovers Aspect... Nice to have..)
Node Sextile Lilith 2.43
Node Sextile Midheaven 1.24

P.ofFortune Quincunx Saturn 1.91

Vertex Conjunction Mercury 1.27
Vertex Trine Mars 2.95
Vertex Trine Saturn 0.55
Vertex Sextile Chiron 2.54

Ascendant Quincunx Moon 5.32
Ascendant Quincunx Venus 1.18
Ascendant Sextile Uranus 1.08
Ascendant Sextile Neptune 5.15
Ascendant Opposition Vertex 1.48

Midheaven Trine Sun 7.80
Midheaven Square Mercury 3.86
Midheaven Quincunx Mars 5.54
Midheaven Quincunx Chiron 5.13

The dual cosmodyne TOTAL score between Mert and Deneme is [SIZE=+1]40.63[/SIZE]

Negative scores (in red) show discord between two people, which is undesired.

An average HARMONY score is about +10.

Mert is Pluto and Deneme is Mars (discord = -6.45) -- Mars opposite Pluto - There is a conflict of wills and interference with each other. Resistance is made to any show of authority in either one of you. Minor irritations are augered if the two charts show dominant harmony. However, if the two charts are dominantly discordant, there can be violent reactions to each other. Each of you resists any show of "bossiness" in the other. You can hinder each other's efforts and also be vindictive toward each other. In marriage this aspect denotes problems of sexual adjustment.

Mert is Pluto and Deneme is Sun (discord = -4.90) -- Sun square Pluto - Creative urge conflicts with reforming urge. Reactions are frictional if your association is a close one. Mert resists Deneme's authority and will be jealous, rebellious, demanding and even vindictive. Mert resists correction from Deneme, and will try to change Deneme. In marriage, Mert can undermine the confidence of Deneme and could have an unfortunate influence on Deneme's moral or ethical ideas. Even if your charts compare well, Mert will try to change or reform Deneme. Unless differences of temperament are understood well and adjusted, your reactions together in this aspect are to be judged unfavorable. In friendships, this aspect indicates occasional tests of tolerance and loyalty.

Mert is Jupiter and Deneme is Pluto (discord = -2.22) -- Jupiter square Pluto - Frustrating, conflicting aspirations and ideals can create misunderstandings or make cooperation difficult. This is a spiritually testing aspect, especially to Mert.

(this aspect is neutral and could go either way) -- Saturn conjunct Saturn - There will be a similarity of attitude in regard to security and ambitions. You both will understand each other's security urges. You may have similar problems, responsibilities and limitations. In harmonious charts this aspect aids constructive efforts toward a common goal. However, you are likely to experience similar problems also, and, your attitude toward duty or responsibility being similar, it can swing your approach to your shared problems too much one way, thus handicapping your progress together. The reaction on each other will increase any tendency in either of you to fear, worry or lack of self-confidence. Unless there are many aspects stimulating hope, optimism and activity, to balance this one, you could have a devitalizing effect on each other.

Mert is Mars and Deneme is Jupiter (this aspect is neutral and could go either way) -- Mars sextile Jupiter - This aspect stimulates aspirations and ambitions in each of you. You both complement one another, one adding aggressive spirit to the ambitions and aspirations of the other. This aspect stimulates mutual helpfulness in achieving prosperity. This aspect promotes optimism, ambition and desire for expansion. There may be a mutual interest along lines of sports or love of nature and out-of-door recreations, which helps to consolidate friendship and aid congeniality in the association.

Mert is Moon and Deneme is Mercury (this aspect is neutral and could go either way) -- Moon opposite Mercury - This aspect stimulates an interesting exchange of ideas and stimulates mental perception and agility of mental reaction in the two of you. But there is not always complete agreement or understanding. Viewpoints are occasionally at variance, causing minor misunderstandings or difficulty in coming to agreement.

Mert is Mars and Deneme is Moon (harmony = 1.34) -- Moon sextile Mars - Mert stimulates the imagination, ideas and self-confidence of Deneme. In home and family environment, this aspect aids cooperation and efficiency in getting things done together. In marriage the aspect of the husband's MARS to the wife's MOON encourages reproduction.

Mert is Moon and Deneme is Saturn (harmony = 1.51) -- Moon sextile Saturn - Deneme steadies Mert and Mert enlarges the ideas of Deneme. The emotions of Mert are stabilized by Deneme. Deneme will be dependable and steadfast toward Mert. Deneme can counsel Mert, for there is usually mutual respect. This aspect encourages friendly contacts between persons of wide difference of age. Deneme brings out the conservative qualities in Mert. In marriage this aspect furthers domestic tranquility, order in the home and agreement in regard to management of money.

Mert is Saturn and Deneme is Mars (harmony = 1.68) -- Mars trine Saturn - The courage, ambition and physical drive of Deneme combines well with the caution and carefulness of Mert. This aspect is favorable for practical accomplishment in any cooperative endeavor. Projects can be made to run smoothly in any type of partnership.

Mert is Ascendant and Deneme is Neptune (harmony = 1.85) -- Neptune sextile Ascendant - You have an intuitive, psychological rapport. Ascendant, Neptune can bring out your spiritual, intuitive and imaginative qualities and make you more aware of aesthetic, intuitive, psychic and psychological values. Ascendant can help Neptune to be more active and expressive in utilizing intuitive, perceptive and imaginative abilities. You can help each other to understand and overcome subconscious, psychological problems and hangups. This is a favorable combination in marriage, because it gives mutual patience and psychological understanding. You can work effectively in art, religion, mysticism and psychology.

(harmony = 2.14) -- Venus trine Venus - There are many mutual interests, inclinations, similar attitudes in love, friendship, social life and affections. This aspect increases congeniality, companionship, conviviality, appreciation of each other, the desire to help each other and an ability to enjoy the same pleasures. You are sympathetic toward each other and will encourage each other. This aspect is favorable in any type of comparison and can do much to smooth out rough places caused by adverse aspects.

Mert is Pluto and Deneme is Saturn (harmony = 2.33) -- Saturn sextile Pluto - This aspect can aid planning together and uniting efforts for large-scale enterprises. It stimulates the ability to make good use of experience. This aspect is good for individuals engaged in research, experimentation, industry, government, politics, banking, building, mining, in discovery and development of natural resources or in law enforcement. It is not very important in horoscopes of marriage partners or persons whose attachment is mainly emotional.

Mert is Sun and Deneme is Ascendant (harmony = 4.07) -- Sun sextile Ascendant - This aspect indicates that you both are able to direct your wills effectively in working together. You can combine your creative self-expression to achieve mutual goals and you will help each other develop more confidence and better self-images. This aspect can indicate romantic and sexual attraction. It is favorable for harmony in a marriage.

Mert is Venus and Deneme is Ascendant (harmony = 4.69) -- Venus sextile Ascendant - Indicating mutual harmony and friendship and general emotional and social compatibility, this aspect is favorable for marriages, romantic relationships and business partnerships. There is sexual attraction if this combination is combined with other comparative influences of a similar nature. You can help each other in the diplomatic, public relations aspects of social and business affairs.

Mert is Pluto and Deneme is Mercury (harmony = 4.84) -- Mercury sextile Pluto - The experiences the two of you have together will stimulate Deneme's mind and bring changes in both your lives. Much contact together will broaden your viewpoints or expand your range of interests, especially in Deneme. Whether this association contributes to harmony or to the spiritual, mental or material welfare of you both depends upon other factors in the comparison. Mert's influence on Deneme is stronger than Deneme's on Mert. Mert may try to dominate Deneme's mind and, if so, could be ruthless.

Mert is Mars and Deneme is Venus (harmony = 4.93) -- Venus sextile Mars - The desire nature of Mert stimulates the love nature of Deneme. This aspect indicates a stimulating and congenial attraction. This is a strong aspect of attraction between the sexes. There is much appeal to the emotions. Deneme has a soothing effect on Mert. This is a very good aspect to find in love and marriage.

Mert is Moon and Deneme is Neptune (harmony = 5.42) -- Moon sextile Neptune - This aspect indicates a psychic tie. You are unusually sensitive to each other's moods and feelings. There is often a telepathic communication between you. There is much sympathy between you. Deneme may seem a bit aloof to Mert at times. This aspect can indicate much mutual inspiration, and in high-type individuals, spiritual accord and mutual devotion. There is much consolation and comfort. Any interest in mysticism or occult study in either of you will be brought out and increased by this aspect.

Mert is Sun and Deneme is Moon (harmony = 5.74) -- Sun trine Moon - Creative and power urge blends with the domestic, submissive urge. The masculine and feminine instincts of both of you combine well. Here there is harmony of personality, interchange of sympathy, good mental affinity and mutual understanding. Your personality traits complement each other, yet are not identical. Each of you possesses something of the other's nature. Deneme is intuitive and sensitive in reaction to Mert. Mert is protective toward Deneme. This aspect indicates an ability to achieve compatibility and harmony.

Mert is Saturn and Deneme is Mercury (harmony = 5.81) -- Mercury trine Saturn - Mert stabilizes the mind of Deneme and suggests rather than criticizes. Deneme can appreciate the knowledge and experience of Mert and can give Mert new ideas.

Mert is Ascendant and Deneme is Uranus (harmony = 5.92) -- Uranus sextile Ascendant - This aspect indicates a friendly, exciting, intellectually stimulating relationship. You will encourage each other to express more freedom and individuality. There will be mutual interests in friends, groups and organizational activities and common intellectual interests in scientific, sociological and occult subjects. In a marriage or romantic relationship, these stimulating mutual intellectual interests and activities will keep you from becoming bored with each other. Uranus can help Ascendant to be more aware of inner spiritual values and social relationships. Ascendant will encourage Uranus to be more open in the expression of intuitive ideas and unusual talents.

Mert is Sun and Deneme is Jupiter (harmony = 6.23) -- Sun trine Jupiter - Creative power urge blends with benevolent, protective urge. This is an inspirational influence, a sign of mutual encouragement, tolerance, helpfulness and forgiveness. There is sympathy, protectiveness, loyalty, generosity, and, as a rule, mutual trust and confidence. When you try, you can and instinctively will bring out the best in each other. You benefit each other in either or both a spiritual and material way. Regardless of any adverse aspects between your two horoscopes, there will be a desire to protect and help each other. Mert, you will probably benefit more from this association than Deneme will.

Mert is Mars and Deneme is Ascendant (harmony = 6.77) -- Mars trine Ascendant - Effective and harmonious mutual action is favored by this combination. It indicates sexual attraction. You can coordinate your actions effectively and will respond instantly to each other's needs. This is a favorable aspect for mutual efforts in physical and mental self-improvement. You can work together effectively in business, financial and professional partnerships.

Mert is Sun and Deneme is Venus (harmony = 7.65) -- Sun trine Venus - Creative power urge harmonizes with social or love urge. This aspect indicates an emotional attraction born of sympathy, social conviviality, and mutual tastes and interests. Here you have a magnetic attraction. This is an aspect of affection, friendship, companionship, generosity, devotion, loyalty, unselfishness toward each other, mutual admiration and encouragement. It is very good for domestic felicity and fidelity in marriage. You are mutually inspiring and encouraging and cooperative. The convivial and social interests are usually in agreement, thus affording enjoyment of the same pleasures.

Mert is Mercury and Deneme is Sun (harmony = 9.20) -- Sun trine Mercury - Creative power urge harmonizes with mental urge. Good mental understanding and probably many common interests are denoted by this aspect. Agreement and collaboration are easy to attain. Deneme can influence Mert's viewpoints as well as encourage and stimulate Mert's ideas and intellectual progress. Mert understands Deneme and understanding always aids agreement and adjustment.

Mert is Moon and Deneme is Pluto (harmony = 11.59) -- Moon trine Pluto - There is some mutual benefit, but this aspect is not a very strong one. It can be good in business, political or profession association. It can be especially good if the two of you are engaged in any form of research work or group activities.
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