Yod and Unaspected Planet Guidance; Hope it helps


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Well on my quest to find out about my yod I learned some interesting things….in italics are quotes taken from “The Yod Book,” by Karen Hamaker-Zondag
  • “We are not really aware of how yods and unaspected planets express themselves”
    • We need to have perspective of the yod itself, so that way we can enable ourselves to know why we have certain desires, wishes that others may not have….we have it within us, however we don’t know how to access what we need to fulfill the needs we have.
  • “We elicit particular responses we don’t understand”
  • “Feeling like the world is a cross-purposes; feeling caught between a rock and a hard place; this can lead to self-confidence issues”
  • ”We maneuver incomprehensible circumstances”
    • Starting over a lot; thinking something will turn out a certain way, when it turns out completely different;
  • We experience things out o f the blue as we feel they have no connection to us. These events seem to come from the outside and involve consequences for us.”
    • I think that things just seem to happen to us, things we cannot explain, yet things that do not happen to other people.
    • Like the saying goes “it would only happen to me”
  • “What crosses our path involves a scare, a shock, insecurity, or some other uncomfortable situation. We feel we cannot exercise any influence over this. It is simply happening.”
    • Again I think that when something happens to us, not to others, we find ourselves thinking why me, or why do I have to struggle when others don’t have to
  • “We often feel like we’re in a stalemate and we have been wronged”
  • “If something has to go wrong, it will happen without our being able to do anything about it. We often encounter situations that are exceptions to the rule, and we may receive negative responses to this when, in fact, there is nothing to feel guilty about.”
    • This one needs no inference, makes sense to me
  • “Often we have to make impossible choices, or even choose between two evils.”
    • This is a progressionary yod influence according to author.
  • “Our lives are characterized by a perpetual searching quality.”
    • I am always searching for something, yet I do think that this is helpful, as it forces me to change, and by changing I am able to grow both personally and professionally
  • “Our lives don’t allow for planning; and yods and unaspected planets do not allow for guidance.”
  • “Sometimes the unexpected turns into the best experiences.”
    • Special things happen to me that don’t happen to other people, can be both good and bad I think.
  • “Exceptional experiences.”
  • “We feel different from everybody else, but we travel a unique road in life.”
    • I would rather travel the unique road in life, rather the alternative.
It is an interesting book, it really has some great examples, of common yods and unaspected planets.
Hope it helps!
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