Yod-a or Nada?


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Haha, what a clever title.


Look at the Moon, Mercury and Chiron. I think the Moon and Mercury are only like 2 degrees off from being a Yod, so I'm not really sure.


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Orbs determine planetary aspects


You said:

I think the Moon and Mercury are only like 2 degrees off from being a Yod

Actually, Moon and Mercury are 2 degrees away from a QUNINCUNX (two planets in relation to each other create an aspect, not a planetary pattern such as a Yod). The question actually is "Is Chiron quincunx Mercury and sextile Moon?" because these two additional aspects would form the Yod you describe. If Chiron were quincunx Mercury it would have about a 9 degree orb (number of degrees off an exact aspect a planet or point can be and still be in aspect). If Chiron and Moon were sextile to each other, it would have about a 7 degree orb. In general, many astrologers assign very small orbs to minor aspects such as the quincunx.

And, of course, there is also the person whose chart it is! A Yod focused on Mercury (thinking/daily work) would make Mercury energy VERY important to that person, and the Mercury energy might be emotional (Moon) and possibly painful (Chiron). Talk to the person and see how Mercury works in their life. This will give you a better idea whether or not the Yod works for them.

Suggesting working with people to build astrology,