Yes, no, perhaps?


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This crush you were obessising about...

Would be it be possible to be mutual? I wouldn't want to get your hopes up, but it would seem as he might be interested.

First of all:

- Many planets in sagittarius, would indicate that yes, there are a few man you'll possibly meet this coming year. So it all seems to go well on the date department. Now if you will marry any of them....thats another thing.

Now what makes it more complex to me is the mercury/sun and jupiter/moon.

Jupiter is in mutual reception with the sun.

Moon is in the sign of mercury, and mercury in the sign of jupiter (which can be taken as a mutual reception because essentially the moon is other co-signifier of yourself, aside from jupiter).

But the placement is also interesting: its in the 12th house, the house of hidden things from the querent.

I would be possible that some of this planets represent this "crush" you had, who in turn would seem interested in you...yet keeping it a secret, because of the 12th house placement.

Furthermore...did you recently date someone? something short/casual that didn't end up well? :happy:


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Then the answer is simple, yes you'll be meeting people.

Sorry for the questions, but usually when people ask a "general" question (as in "will I meet someone?"), after a bad breakup or romantic situation, they are truly asking about that person that is there no more.

Getting that out of the way, there are a lof of planets inside or close to the 1st house, so thats defintly a yes. The ruler of the 7th mercury, is also close to the cusp. This imply there is more than one gentleman that will be interested in you.

The sun and jupiter in mutual reception give particular strenght to that, specially because the sun is a signifier for husbands.

Sun is applying trine to jupiter (so is mercury after him), so yes meetings will occur.

So yeah, it is possible.

But again, general questions are sort of pointless: I mean if you are a single woman, the chance of you meeting people are actually high, you don't really need astrology to tell you that.

Hope it helps :joyful::joyful:
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I would say yes.

In relationship questions, querent gets Lord 1 and the Moon (and Venus, since you're a woman and this is a straight relationship...if it were two woman we wouldn't know who to give Venus to so we'd have to throw it out of consideration. Ditto for the Sun and m/m relationships).

Potential guy is Lord 7 and the Sun (unless claimed, not).

Conveniently packaged together, Lord 7 (Mercury) and the Sun apply to trine Jupiter (Lord 1). They are ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter is ruled by the Sun. So there's(some) mutual reception (probably just showing you're interesting in "a man" these charts the Sun as cosignificator for the guy shows him as "man" as opposed to Lord 7 which shows him more as the individual person). Regardless...

We have a clear picture of Lords 1/7 coming together, which is exactly what we look for when judging these kinds of questions.

The trine between Mercury and Jupiter happens in about 8 degrees. So I'm going to say the meet will happen in 8 weeks or 8 months. Depends on how aggressive you are with the search effort.

Whether this will be "The One" is a different matter. With these kinds of questions I think the chart is showing us "the next thing". But at least it's something, if not everything! :)


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My procedural method uses whole sign, all planets, and moon identifies the question.

In the is case, moon is in 7th which identifies question about a committed relationship and indicates that the chart has a higher possibility of answering your question.

You are Jupiter (ruler 1st) and future person would be Mercury (ruler 7th). These two are moving to a trine but, it is quite far away and moon would change sign before that time that the Merc/Jup is exact. With that, the person is out there but IMO, not likely to meet this year.

To further reinforce, the last aspect the moon is making before leaving sign is the inconjunct to Saturn which is a break and adjust angle. This would indicate that there is some unfinished business ... maybe another relationship, clearing up money issues, or maybe getting over the crush that you had before you can move on.


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Your future husband/Mercury is in the sign of its detriment, combust the Sun and in the unfortunate 12th. This by itself does not speak well. You are motivated, since he/Mercury is in the sign of your/Jupiter's dignity, but it is not so at all in the other direction from him to you.

Moon as indicator of the question's unfolding applies to an postilion.

It does not look favorable to me.