Writer's Strike!

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Okay...a few days ago I tried to post this thread...and I got the "Website Not Responding" page...and I lost everything I typed as to interpretation of the chart.

Anyway, I decided (hehehe ;)) to repost the chart and get everyone else's opinion on it, and then I'd come back and retype up my analysis of it, hoping that my posting that does not also get met with the dreaded "Website Not Responding" page. It only seems to come up with I attempt to post new threads...don't know what that's about. Anyway, I digress. I'll attach the chart at the bottom.

The writer's are the Ascendant and the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) are the Descendant.


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Libra20 said:
So, there is a grand trine of Mars, Sun and Uranus, so perhaps that will give energy to a positive outcome. Maybe someone out of the blue comes up with a strong idea that nobody had even thought of during the original negotiations. And the Sun is in H3, writing.

Ok, here is where I start reaching. H4, end of matter. Ruled by Mars which is in 11th house, groups (ie WGA or AMPTP), but it is in fall... hmm.... But Jupiter in the 4th is good and it sextiles Neptune... A dreamy planets and films are often made by dreamers. (sounds more like the writers, than the financiers/producers).

I did hear a lecture from a popular astrologer today and her comment was that Merc was stationary direct, a very bad sign. That it would probably be drawn out a while, but not the 6 months that some were saying (that would bring it up to when the Actors might strike). But, she saw the slim possibility that someone could come up with something they hadn't thought of before and that it had a small shot at ending quickly.

Anybody else have any comments??? Bueller... Bueller.... Bueller....

Actually, the last time this happened in 1988, the Lunar Nodes were in Pisces/Virgo ~ where they are now during this strike. This writer's strike should last just as long as the last one ~ most likely into late winter, early spring 2008 ~ we will see progress the closer they get to the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in late January.


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Hi, Some clarification: I'm assuming that we're reading this as an Event chart rather than a straight-up horary with house one and house 7 representing the protagonists?
If so the event itself- the declaration of the strike becomes a matter for the MC cusp? And the outcome is represented by the H4 cusp?
I just want to be clear about the significators before I begin my Dissection...and just looking quickly at the chart, it looks like an excellent specimen. Cheers, lillyjgc


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Okay. Taking the asc as being the striking writers we see they are ruled by the sun (Leo)..The sun is in their house of communications, media activities, writing in scorpio-so they are passionate and as scorpio is a fixed sign, you could assume they are in for the long haul.The sun sits in the third, ruled by venus (libra)..venus is placed in their second house where in 6 *somethings* the moon will conjunct it.The moon and venus are both in the mercurial sign of Virgo- suggesting they have limited resources at their disposal.In fact with venus closely square pluto access to a resource may come to an end...Venus separates from a square to jupiter...the good days are coming to an end...
The opponents, AMPTP, are represented by Saturn in the house of the strikers. This is in Mercury's sign *Serious Talk about writing and writers issues*.Saturn is not making any ptolemaic aspects and the moon separates from saturn (a feeling against the AMPTP by the writers).
Mars is about to station in house 11, the writers' wishes and expectations...The sun is just past a trine to mars and 5 deg from the h4 cusp in a fixed sign, scorpio, so ruled by a very weak mars.
The moon is square to jupiter, suggesting they are *asking too much* and with mars weak in H11, they may not win here. h11 is the house of the AMPTP's agents or emissaries and mercury rules this house.
Mercury is in the balance sign of Libra- fairness.Mercury closely sextiles the Asc and sextiles pluto on h5 cusp- so it seems the writers' agents/negotiators have more clout than mercury, which is going nowhere having separated from a sextile with jupiter...on cusp of h5.
Mars is ruler of the end of the matter... Mars is ruler of the AMPTP's third house of media so this strike will definitely adversely affect the AMPTP.
The sun is in better shape than most of the other significators here....but square to Neptune, so I think the writers will not be satisfied with the outcome. I also think, due to Mars retrograding this will be a long drawn out business.
saturn is applying a sextile to mars though and the retrograde action allows this to perfect, which leads me to conclude that AMPTP will bring the matter to conclusion.
Apparently Uranus is said to rule strikes...and there it is in the chart, opposite saturn (AMPTP)..Uranus is also sextile to the MC, the higher authority so it may have to go to a legal judgement with Venus ruling the Mc and mars ruling the ninth....
Who Will *win*?
Well both parties lose financially.But jupiter is trine the Asc from H5 so a jupiterian arbitrator applies to the writers....negotiations on their behalf.
as Jupiter is co-ruler of the end of the matter, it may well be that the matter reaches conclusion when Jupiter conjuncts pluto (Dec 13) in real time, but 6 *somethings*...hopefully only weeks but COULD be months, which in *real time* coincides with mars return to its current position.......cheers,lillyjgc


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Thanks Libra 20... Darn the timing was wrong again!!!!
Do you have any info as to how/why it ended? Nothing in our news about it in Australia- just that it was finished.....(must go googling later)...
Will take another look in regard to the timing issue- so the strike lasted for 125 days...well-not 6 months.
Glad its over.
Cheers lillyjgc


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lillyjgc said:
Thanks Libra 20... Darn the timing was wrong again!!!!
Do you have any info as to how/why it ended? Nothing in our news about it in Australia- just that it was finished.....(must go googling later)...
Will take another look in regard to the timing issue- so the strike lasted for 125 days...well-not 6 months.
Glad its over.
Cheers lillyjgc
Note that the strike was announced November 1st and so probably was planned right at the end of the last Mercury Rx period. Apparently the last stages of resolving it were taken care of in thie Rx period.

Maybe only a conincidence, but I noticed it. Isn't this strange? ;)


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Having several friends in the movie, writing industry...I was told that it was a 'corporate' deal...the corporations were trying to break the unions...however, the writers' unions won...so it seems...altho from what I hear, the unions have been weakened...and there might be more strikes.
I am wondering if it had anything to do with Pluto/Capricorn transit?...seems so.