Would It Be Possible To Ask For Help Finding My Career


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Or soul's purpose in my chart? I have trouble posting from my phone, but my Birthdate is 01.27.1984 06:25pm Norwood, MA

My MC is in Taurus, ruled by Venus in the 5th
Northnode in Gemini in the 10th
Chiron conjuncts my midheaven
Mercury trines my midheaven
I believe Saturn opposes it
Part of Fortune in Gemini in the 11th
2nd house of resources is in Virgo

I have 5 planets in the 5th house and my mind is often occupied by artistic careers, writing, occult subjects, and creative endeavors, but I find I ask myself everyday without fail what should I be doing. I'd like to just go with the flow, but if anyone might have an idea I would greatly appreciate any perspective or knowledge on this. Thanks a million



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Hopefully this works & Thank you again!!


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Something in a service-sector capacity that relates to children or recreational activities.

(Sun in the 6th house, ruler of your MC and stellium in the 5th house.)


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Hi !
As per vedic reading ,
Powerful conjunction of Moon Ketu in Scorpio Jyestha in the 4th house of home and homeland . You will be propelled out of home towards the 10th house of power. Also you may be compelled to move from Scorpio type energy to Taurus ..self made.brick by brick. Years 2000 to 2007 would have taught you some difficult lessons.Career maybe corporate or business. Less likely to be academic.
Seeing your 5th house with strong Moola placements, i would say you will be the pillar of strength to others. Strong silent type. Ascendant Leo Magha and Sun in Capricorn Sravana the insight. Method of communication is to shock others !
I would think business finance, construction, actor, archeologist, industry research etc would suit you. Now in Venus Dasha. Venus in Sagittarius Moola . Moola stands alone and needs no one else.