Would I profit this year or next year?


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I posted an earlier thread before and waiting for my house to sell. With my price reduction recently it led to no new showings. I am super discouraged from this and will have to plan another one by the end of this month if there is no buyer.

It's been extremely stressful just waiting in keeping my home always clean and living in a museum to ensure it's always "show ready". I am even afraid to do any heavy cooking to ensure things are neat and tidy all the time and there are no food smells in the home just in case.

I know there are worse things in life than this, but when your life is put on hold and you want to move forward with your life and a possession is tying you down, at least for me it has become draining. I was wondering if maybe this place is not done with me just yet and perhaps something is telling me I should wait till next year to move. This is not what I want, but thought maybe if I wait market conditions could possibly be better (don't know how that could be right though with the economy looking to shift for the worse next year and as mentioned earlier with interest rates continuing their upward ascent doesn't help things).

If I were to sell a year later down the road this would mean I would rent the home out for the year and then put it on the market again. How can I identify the signifies for profit from renting my home? The possible tenant is the 6th house (I think) so how would I gauge the kind of tenant I would have if the house were to be rented out as well?

I assume this a "here or there" type of question and have limited experience trying to delineate this. I seriously welcome more feedback on this and assistance from others if anyone can impart their wisdom on their interpretations as well.

Selling now: I am Jupiter. Jupiter is right with Scheat (nearly exact). The meaning there says, "Many voyages, losses through law, friends and relatives, danger of imprisonment". Jupiter at 29 degrees and about to change signs from Pisces to Aries. Jupiter is also the end of the matter for selling and in 4H.

Moon in rulership and in 8H. Moon aspects will sextile Sun, trine Mars, and will make a trine to Jupiter as a final aspect before moving into the sign of Leo. Moon doesn't aspect Saturn (profit), but at least positioned in other people's money coming to Jupiter (the property).

Next year sale: I am Mercury. Mercury in rulership and dignified by triplicity and term but in 12H (turning chart). Mercury also is the property. I don't like it being in the 12H. Does the strong placement by exaltation and dignities reduce the poor 12H placement?

Before going further when turning the chart do you turn the house positions of the planet (ie. Moon now in 2nd)? Whenever I turn the chart I am unsure so didn't want to delineate it wrong off the bat before proceeding with the turned analysis.

Thanks and hope someone can help.


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