Worst astrological placements, aspects and transits


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I came upon it past midnight (18 mins ago) on a Thu, Mar 3, 2022 concerned about my own course in the previous half of my life (42 years, life span ends at around 84)...in a month of 2 new moons (Mar 1-2 Pisces vs Mar 30-31 Aries).


I have indeed (some of) the features of bad luck, misfortune, difficulties, crisis and depression: The Fall of Mercury right in an ill-fated placement in 13' Pisces opposite Jupiter in 3rd conjunct Mars and Saturn (all 3 in retrograde motion), Moon in 8th conjunct natal Aquarian sun (new moon, within a close 5 degrees and nearing a total solar eclipse on Feb 15-16, 1980), the SN is nearby the sun (29' Aquarius) and a troublesome Mercury, a minor affliction caused by Juno in the 12th conjunct ASC 17' Cancer and the malefic Pluto conjunct IC in Libra (within 18 degrees, IC in 3' Libra). And one more curse-hex-jinx is a Chiron in 11th.


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(Edit): and now 81 mins until midnight Pacific time Mar 6, 2022 when I made this post.

A Juno placement in 12th has a ton of weight to press on me conjunct my ASC.

Here's more info. on Juno, the asteroid (#3) said to represented ones' mother:

https://horoscopes.lovetoknow.com/natal-charts-readings/what-is-juno-sign-what-does-it-mean (numbers 3...3...3...6...9...12! Juno is one spooky witch).

I'm reading Quora again to locate an answer to my question: what's the most malefic astrological aspect any person can have, esp indicated on natal charts.

https://www.quora.com/Which-planeta...-placed-in-enemy-sign-debilitation-combustion (The mad planet Mars, sad planet Saturn and bad planet Pluto in 7th or 8th houses, esp in conjunctions Ma/Sa, Sa/Pl, Ma/Pl and esp Ma/Sa/Pl trio some people have on their natal charts, check astrological data for more details) .

And Mars, Saturn and Pluto on your rising sign or Ascendant's ruler (for example, if ASC in Cancer - 4th house, I have a Pluto there).

But whether your Mars, Saturn and Pluto is malefic depends on your ascendant's Lord (again, my natal moon in 8th + Cancer rising).

Therefore, Pluto in 4th conjunct IC indicates a problematic home life, esp in childhood and involving the mother or her family relatives.
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For me, I always look to any connections (planetary, degree, house) and placement of the dragons tail in a given chart; the south node invariably points to problems and potential troubles more accurately and reliably than any other indicator.