Worsening relationship with father


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Hi guys

Going to dive right in; for all my life, I have had a difficult relationship with my mother who has a tough personality. We´re both fiery people (she´s an Aries with almost only fire placements, no water). My relationship with my father (also an Aries) is much calmer, he´s the voice of reason. Recently, since a year or so (covid happened), I find it difficult to recognise my father sometimes. Sometimes I wonder who he actually is. I find that our relationship hasn´t exactly improved. These last weeks it has become more difficult (he´s quite harsh with me, even offensive). Tonight he really exploded and slammed his fist on the dinner table. Food went everywhere. He was furious with me, I have never experienced this. I don´t find I did anything ´bad´ (mind you I´m 27 ...) to be treated as such.

Is there anything in my natal chart relating to my relationship with my father, or any transits, that could stress the relationship? I put our birth charts here, as well as our synastry chart. I love both my parents dearly (I have no siblings, and we all have Leo Moons), and this situation saddens me in a way I cannot put into words.


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