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Hello, everyone ! I would like to ask you whether you can tell me something more specific about my career as it is currently in a standstill. Today and yesterday I was interviewed, and I have some hopes since they are related to development in my field. The question is that these "hopes" have already evaporated ... Especially since the last two sects between Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn on January 15, 2018 and on April 14, 2018, especially the second was quite heavy ... Generally, I was dealing with a lot of idiots (in my workplace) who were looking for a way to nagging me ... Well, normal, able and smart people nobody likes them ! The point is, I missed the chances of prosperity at the last job ... in the restaurant of a five-star hotel, as a manager ... What else can I expect?
Pluto in conjunction with MC, Jupiter in sextile with MC, Saturn in Trine with Ascendant / Descendant, Jupiter in trine with South Node / North Node, Jupiter in conjunction with Pluto and South Node / North Node in conjunction with Saturn ...
It all hits the career, love relationship and the karma ... How much more is going on? Future ?
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