Wondering about my career


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Sun Jupiter conjunction 6th H in Aries ruler Mars in 1st
Your work is very personal and directed towards the service of the law
Libra Asc ruler Venus conjunct Saturn in 7th
Your responsibility concerns being an authority figure in your relations with others. Libra rules the lower court system
Also the Mars in scorpio 1st, detective work or investigator,police work
The Mars opposing Saturn Venus conjunction aggressive action by you or received from others toward you

This also might be a mirror image of the relationships in your own life?


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Hi triploo!
I recast your birth details in the vedic format and can say the following(plaese don't get confused as the placements will vary from the western chart).
Ascendant Libra Chitra the assembler, the architect. This person has an innate aesthetic sense and also a sense of balance between Yin and Yang.Male and female energies. This star is ruled by Mars and your Mars is placed in Libra Swati the disperser who is protected by the wind God. Ascendant is conjunct Mars in Libra in the first house. So this person is all about 'balancing' and 'swaying with the Wind'.There may be a web of confusions about who one actually is and also a sense of 'war within oneself'.Suited to 'balancing' professions like diplomat, aristocrat,architect,sailing, professions at sea etc.The reason why i mention sea is because your 6th house of everyday work has Sun Jupiter and Mercury in Pisces Uttarabhadra the ocean of consciousness. You are in Jupiter Dasha till 2023 after which is Saturn Dasha. This person's thinking is as vast as the ocean.But the conversation may be between oneself and Almighty only.. Suitable for professions involving the vast treasures of the Earth like oceans,Gems and Jewelry, telecom etc.
The Rahu Ketu Axis is between Aquaruis Dhanistha the dolphin in the 4th house of home and homeland to Rahu in Cancer Ashlesha the binder in the 10th house. This person loves to bind, bind, glue, tie down, hug etc.Emotinally very strong binder and gets another to commit.So the energy travels between these two.May have to move away from homeland.
Moon in Gemini Ardra the discriminator in the 9th house of higher education and voyages. This person is a good speaker and mentally adept. Very sharp.But in this moon placement one would benefit if one surrenders to the Lord and cries( yes you heard me right 😃) from time to time. Also wearing the Rudraksha is of benefit. Will benefit if one donates to eye hospitals.
Do as your spirit wills! God bless !


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Triple, thanks for that feedback. That's exactly what I wanted to know. Great example about your father. I find that rather interesting that you dont give or receive more confrontation.
What about the authority in relation to others. Are you married? If not, how are your "affairs" with women?
What is your occupation?


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Again excellent feedback! When you described your sister and mentioned her aspects that's all very true. They are also very good at the manipulation tactic with words and using them to their advantage.
The Venus Saturn connection goes hand n hand with the word "cautious" that you described. In fact, a Capricorn person might be who u need in the relationship category.
The confrontational issue I mentioned early is still a real possibility. You haven't started to live on your own yet and that is when your chart really starts to kick in
Look into the careers I mentioned, you might be quite drawn to them.


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A Libra rising <3 Hello~ :)
Me also one of those creatures called libra rising, how are you? :3

Sorry am not so good in astrology but i want to be better in it, only way is to try to read charts i guess.
You probably like to work with something stable, not too much changes you can handle and like few changes here and there but mostly a stable places, where you can choose whats gonna happend at times in work, you would need a place to put all you passion into, even thought you're passionted driven you seem to be having a emotional side too, so will make you feel for others.

if anything was worng please say whats off and whats was on, with the little tiny fast (cause it was late while am typeing and gonna sleep X3 ) reading :)

Love from Norway<3


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I think part of the problem is that you might be pretty ambitious and wanting a senior position without wanting to wait for it. Leo on the MC and Sun exalted in Aries. Given that combo, if you can practise patience and persistence, you should have a rewarding career, but impulsiveness and impatience (Aries) can really be to your disadvantage. You might free lance or do your own business. Not sure if you've given that any thought.


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Thanks again for a helpful response! (You commented on another thread I made and were really helpful there too).

Yeah, I strongly want to get to a high position as fast as I can or otherwise there is an innate fear that makes me think "Your success isn't that important, look at others, they have achieved much more at the time you were given". When I think about it, of course, it seems stupid, because not everyone is the same and success can come at any time if you work hard and do your job well, but sometimes this fear does appear.

I've actually thought about free lancing or doing my own business because I like being my own boss. Will see how it works out!
Listen, your chart is very supportive in terms of your career. Like I said, the only one that can harm you is you, yourself. Remember that.

Whilst Mars in Scorpio is dignified, the downside of Mars in Scorpio is over ambition. And, that Aries Sun as well as Leo on the MC keep provoking that Mars. So, watch it. Don't crush your success. Let that Venus in Taurus conj. Saturn get the better of you. Taurus energy is quite pragmatic and sensible. It is also excellent in the slow-and-steady concept, and that Saturn there helps it. Your Mantra is: slow and steady, persistence and patience. No frustration because acting out of fear, frustration and over ambition can be your undoing. Write this down somewhere.


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Hello tripleooo, am good thank you :) My pc crashed when i try to comment, so now i have to do it before going to work X)
oooo i would like to ask where you from in europe, but thats probably private :3
Yeah just come to us we have chocolate and brown cheese two good reason to come to us XD

Ahhh that make sense, i forgot that fire signs can get easily bored :/
yeah as fella watery person *Gasp Shocking* x) i understand how hard it is to hide emotions at times.
Do you think its a Normal libra rising thing to use alot of smiley faces? :D

Am happy to cooment, astrology is a fun hobby to have c:
oh Thank you, so sweet of you :)