Women with Mars Conjunct Saturn


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I’m a woman. Mars conjunct saturn in scorpio 7th house. I was married before my first saturn return. The marriage didn’t work, but my ex husband is a good guy, never was mean or disrespectful to me. Actually we are good friends now.


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There are 2 biological sexes and a variety of sexual and romantic orientations with multiple gender identities, but does the Mars conjunct Saturn issue solely affects cis-het women? I identify as genderfluid and gynephile (solely attracted to females or women) while as a biological male, looking at my Mars-Saturn with Lilith and in addition, Jupiter in my 3rd house under Virgo is quite a major concern. I have no plans to transition, but a husband/groom can still feel like a bride on his (or should I switch to her) wedding day with the actual wife/bride.


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No aspect will manifest exactly the same in every natal chart. All astrological aspects have the ability to manifest in a range of ways for different individuals, but will always express in some way the archetypal energy the aspect suggests.

It is probably too soon for astrologers to have a firm grasp of how or if the masculine/feminine qualities of certain planets and signs would be altered for those who have non-conventional or fluid gender identities or are not heterosexual. The only way to know is to see it play out over time in a large sample of such persons. I certainly have not had enough of such experience to venture any hypothesis.


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I am curious if others have noticed a pattern with women who have the Mars-Saturn conjunction. My experience shows that these women (if hetrosexual) have an early very bad marriage or relationship with a man who is quite selfish if not downright cruel, or a chronic philanderer. After which they never remarry. Two celebs with this aspect who exemplify this pattern are Joni Mitchell and Lucille Ball. If you might have some examples of these natives who have had really fulfilling second marriages, I would like to here about it. Thanks.
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Well, first promised marriage was a very selfish man (much older), it didn't happen so glad that I didn't marry him. My marriage now is amazing. He is much younger than me and yes, he is very much Saturnian in a way that I like. We are very happy together for some years now as our synastry is pretty good.
As for Mars-Saturn father issue, I have it too with my dad. My dad are not home much, no legal divorce with mom though.
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