will we reunite


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I ( a novice in horary) am not sure wether to use 5th house ruler or the 7th on ypur x boyfriend. Depends on what kind of relationship you had, I think.
You are jupiter. If he is represented by the 7th, he is mercury. The action between them (a square) is not so good. Basicly squares means "no" (somtimes yes, if other indicators supports a yes, but then with grate struggles). Merury is in its own house, wich often indicates that the questied is more conserned with himself than with you. Also, he has company of mars and venus there, so maby he is not on his own. You are more interested in him than he is in you.
Now, if we use the 5th house instead of the 7th, he is representet by the moon. The moon is nowhere near jupiter, so again, a "no".
I'm sorry but I think the answear to your question is negativ.
But I also think it's for the best, because the best is yet to come for you : )


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Hi Leontine,

ANY relationship question involves the 1st/7th houses. The 5th house is for children, and perhaps for questions regard the pleasure aspects of a relationship, but not the people themselves.

Shweta, I'm afraid Leontine is right...the answer is negative. Mercury applies by square to Jupiter but is interfered with by Mars. The moon is void of course...this situation is going nowhere.

It might be good for you to consider whether it is healthy for you to hold on to this relationship, since it gives you nothing and offers no promise or hope.