Will we meet again


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Hello to all of you,
- back after a very long break - last night i made a chart with the question "Will we meet again?"

- "we" is an old friend of mine and myself. We've been very close some years ago and even a couple for a short time, and then we stopped having contact, when things became complicated.

From time to time he wanders through my thoughts, so i made this chart.
Obviously, there is Mercury and Jupiter going to conjunct very soon.
That seems to point to a "yes" as answer.
I can't calculate the timing.

The moon is in Domicile in 10th house (which makes sense, since we met through work, and have been very successfully and creatively working together, - which is a field i miss him in)
I don't really understand the opposition Moon/Saturn (as well in Domicile).
Does it mean the motive to meet (which could be the wish to work together) is destroyed by too restrictive demands or rules, thoughts....??

I see Neptune close to DESC could mean he's still living in fog, illusions ... ? - which he did when we last talked. I'd rather think he cleared his mind meanwhile. I know, the modern planets don't work here, but still, i see Neptune...

I'd be happy to read your opinions about the chart.
Thanks in advance, Oleanna


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Thanks for your words! - Yes, i can imagine, Saturn is in the way. (Since i have 7 planets ruled by Saturn in my natal chart, that seems likely;) )
Nevertheless the applying conjunction between the dispositors means what? We both would like but can't make it happen? Or is that too much of an esoteric thought into it...?


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The moon opposition to Saturn however, is softened by the fact that each is in the other's house, Moon in Saturn's 10th and Saturn in Moon's 4th, so they are both strong but they have some familiarity, and can compromise. Since the moon is first applying to a trine with Venus, and after the Saturn opposition it trines the sun, the opposition might just be a hiccup in the middle. It could work out in the long run, if you both want it and overcome that hurtle, possibly about your decisions concerning career and home lives. The moon's last aspect is a trine to your significators, which foretells a good ending. Neptune on the descendent (5 degrees, though, is wide) is well aspected and strong, so this could describe him as a creative type, in a positive way. Also, it is actually in the 6th house of work, again reflecting the relationship you two have. If you have the possibility you could post the charts and maybe a composite. Good wishes to you both.


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Thanks a lot ElenaJ, - all very interesting and valuable thoughts! Yes, i saw Neptune in 6 as well and thought, how interesting to have him there, in the house of work, where we connected from the very berginning. I missed totally to look after the Moon's last aspect. haven't done Horary in a while;) - thanks so very much!


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Would anyone have an idea about the timing?
And is it me contacting him or rather the other way around?

Having Mercury moving towards Jupiter, it's probably me, right? - well, this i can't imagine right now, but maybe, if it would happen later, its of course possible.
He was very unfriendly, harsh at the end, so it feels wrong for me to be the one who would get in touch again...