Will We Marry?


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New to horary but eager to learn. I started learning with Lilly's interpretation.
Here it goes.

Querent: I am the Moon, moon is in scorpio.
He is Saturn, Saturn is in Cap.

Moon and saturn sextile but Moon is in scorpio, which is in detriment, and correct me if I am wrong but the moon is separating, right?

The sun is also in detriment in aqua.

I do see connections between co-significators, sun and venus but won't venus eventually separate from the sun?

Venus and mars trine but that is all.

Moon is on its own. Moon is not making aspects with any of the inner planets.

The answer is no.

What do you see/think?

Thank you for the help.



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I'm not getting a yes from this chart, either.

You're the moon, he's Saturn. The moon is in its fall and past its last aspect with Saturn. The moon is void of the course, suggesting that your present situation is unlikely to change.

In horary, we look at whether aspects are applying (about to perfect) or separating (leaving one another.) The applying aspects are the important ones.

It is helpful to learn which are the faster-moving and which are the slower-moving planets. When in doubt, check an ephemeris (time-table for planets.) The is a good free one at Astrodienst www.astro.com. Venus is past her trine with Mars.

If you really love him, I'm sorry, but maybe it is time to move on.


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As waybread wrote, the moon is void, so you are not going anywhere. It is in the 5th showing you are interested in a love affair, but Uranus squares the ascendent descendent axis, and the south moon node is on the descendent. It would seem to be over.
Venus and mars are separating from aspect. Venus moves towards a trine with freedom-loving Uranus, co-signifiator of the descendent, in the 11th house of friends, which promises little more than a friendly tie, or at lease a non-painful ending. Sorry.