will we marry and when ?


Here is my chart

Me 1st house represent by venus placed in second house in cancer
He 7th house represent by mars placed in 6th house (house of his joy) in libra (ruled by me....
venus has dignitie by face
his significator is in detriment but ruled by me
they do not directly apply to each other
saturn which rule 9th ,10-th and 11th house and which is in his exaltation connect mars and venus making separate trine aspect with venus and apply with conjunction to mars .... Does Saturn indicate that answer is positive that answer is YES maybe with litle delays or ????
Please give feedback I need your opinion ....

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Has this person proposed to you?
Is it a long term relationship you are in together?

I question this because of two things that immediately leap out. Moon is on the Pleides, fixed star. And, algol on the ascendant.Link to fixed stars. Also, Moon is just on south node. All of these are warning signs, at least for this moment in time. They may also reflect your emotional state regarding this question.

The aspects after the south node conjunction all look positive, but I'm unsure about the obstacle represented by the Moon south node conjunction.


Person I am in relationship used to be many years mu friend so we know each other for more than 6-7 years but we start dating since this summer so our relationship is about 3 months , we get along great we have good time but till now there is no signs of proposal or plans for mariage. That why I ask this question