Will we have a relationship?


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I say no. Quesited/Venus does like the querent/Mars, based on reception from Venus to Mars, using non-Frawley reception logic. But Venus and Mars to not aspect, do not come together.

Saturn on the 7th house cusp is not favorable for relationship; obstacles. Moon's next aspect is an opposition, also unfavorable for the question of will we come together in a relationship.


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I found an old chart with a known outcome and thought someone might like to have a go at it for learning purposes. This chart was originally answered by John Frawley. The question is: Will we have a relationship?

I'm most curious about Frawley's judgement on this one, given Saturn in the 7th house.

Venus and Mars are making an applying square which would indicate yes, but with difficulties, arguments, hardships to overcome, also it's an out of sign square... I'm not really sure what that means, except I think it makes it harder.

Most curious to hear the answer.
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Frawley doesn't use "considerations before judgment". So VOC Moon and Saturn at the 7th cusp wouldn't stop him from looking at the chart.


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Ouch - hard times :( - but, yes, you did have a relationship, even if you kept it to strictly emotional.
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