Will we get back together?


My boyfriend recently, suddenly broke up with me due to reasons that arent even really clear to me. It occured two days after I learned that I had developed cervical cancer from hpv he gave me (only sexual partner i ever had) and he got upset that I was upset and broke up with me. I understand jupiter and the moon are my significators, and that mercury is his. I'm thinking this chart is a pretty definitive no, but id appreciate any input. Thanks!


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Barbarobot, indeed, you are Jupiter retro and Moon as your co-significator.
He is Mercury. He is combust as he is too close to the Sun and this shows that at this moment he is very confused and does not want to face (see) reality of what happened. Mercury is in term of Jupiter so I do think he is still attached to you in his thoughts. There is no contact between you, but I believe that the Moon is transiting the light from Mercury (when Moon opposed Merc.) to Jupiter, when Moon will conjunct Jupiter. So maybe a female acquaintance could be instrumental in trying to bring you back together.

I think the shock of what happened has put him into this "I dont want to know" attitude. Men cope quite differently with problems than women do. They want concrete solutions and he probably does not see a solution to this problem he probably also feels guilty about as he was instrumental (unknowingly) in creating it.

End of the matter is Mars in peregrine in 6. Mars and Venus rule both your 5th houses of romance. I think he probably might like to eventually pick up the romantic side of the relationship, but you will have moved on (Venus in Gemini).


Thanks Starlink. You brought up a lot of intersting points. I do believe he still thinks about me, we've kept in contact in order to
figure out what to do about the cancer situation. However, he's not making any real effort in it, as its pretty easy to tell he's actually deep in denial. It's like he's still waiting for me to say "Just Kidding!" about the whole thing. He claims he still loves me, but it's a little hard to believe considering the circumstances.
It's a little more difficult to figure out whats going on as we originally both attended the same university, where we met. However we both went home for the summer ( 4 ish hours away from each other) so the distance is hard. I also found out that his decision occured around the time he learned that he would not be able to return to our university until the second semester, which is January. Honestly, I feel like he's keeping me around as a plan b. I really do love and care about him, but I think think anyone deserves better than that.
I've looked at our natal charts and progressed composite charts, we're both undergoing some very difficult aspects right now. Especially in his chart and the composite. Interestingly, the most difficult aspects in ther composite (which started occuring about a month before the breakup) will start to dissolve in January. He also started going through Uranus Square Moon around the same time, which I think is interesting do to it's association due to general emotional instability and dissolution of relationships especially with women. He's also undergoing Uranus square Mars, which started around a month before the breakup as well. Also, ending in early Febuary.
I believe that no one is forced to behave according to their astrological profile, but he really is acting accordingly to the transits. I also now that he's had to deal with a lot of sudden issues in his personal life and his depression, so I really feel like he's not meant to be in a relationship right now and it's for his own good.
I wouldn't be suprised if he did try to pick things up when he returns to our university in January (maybe your eventually), but I'm not sure if it would be for a romantic relationship. However, I feel like it will probably be for a friends with benefits type thing, which isn't my thing. Even if it was him wanting to return to the romantic aspect of the relationship, I don't think it's fair to have kept me as "plan b". I do still love him, but as he's still confused as to what he wants after a month I feel like I've been waiting long enough, so I can't imagine what I'd feel like in "eventually".


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Thank you very much for the update BabaRobot. I also think that you wont wait for that "eventuality" and frankly, I think if my boyfriend would run away instead of constructively trying to deal with this problem, I would feel very much un-supported. OK, just for a few days is understandable, we all need time to think, but one month??
I wish you all the very best and hope you will recover with treatment.