Will we ever meet ???


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I met this lady 02/09, and decided to travel to egypt oct 28. But she has not been incontact with me for over 2weeks.
So my question is that " Will we ever meet" ?

I cannot get image to load, so here are details

28S00 153E26
8.54 PM AEST
ASC 19 Taurus 49
Moon 26 gemini 30


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I have looked at your chart: I see you are the asc, ruled by venus and she is ruled by Mars....There is no aspect there....Don't like the look of venus on h4 cusp (endings),and square the asc...(you)...
What intercepts you is mercury (very slow-about to go retrograde) in her sign...sextile to saturn also in the house of endings....The moon is late in mercury's sign-opposite pluto and otherwise void.....I am sorry, but I think the answer is that even if you do meet it will be to conclude the matter....Have I missed anything vital here? Lillyjgc