Will we break up in the next 3 months?


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Hello, as title sugests my question is will we break up in the next 3 months.
I have been worrying for the past few days that he doesnt love me like he used to. He seemed very annoyed at me for everything I do. I would like a help from you for this.
So here is my interpretation of the chart
I am represented by Mars in Gemini, 7th house, Moon in Libra in 11th house
He is represented by Venus in Pisces, 4th house so he has a lot of power to act. He is exalting himself so that would mean that he is feeling really good about himself.
He is also represented by the Sun in 3rd House in Aquarius.
Part of Marriage is in Aquarius,dispositor is Saturn which is in fixed sign, so it shows permanence. Part of Divorce is in Virgo, Mercury is the dispositor.
I think receptions are good. Moon is in sign ruled by Venus, which is him. So that shows I love him. Moon also receives Saturn (dispositor of part of marriage) by exaltation. Mars receives Sun (my fiance) in fall.
Mars which is also me, is in Gemini, sign ruled by the dispositor of the Part of Divorce. I think that shows I was thinking about a breakup. Mars isnt in any reception with any of his planets.
Sun which represents him, recieves Saturn (dispositor of Part of Marriage) by rulership, so it shows that he loves our relationship. He also receives himself in detriment. It shows that he doesnt feel good about himself.
Venus which also represents my fiance, is in triplicity of Mars (me) and detriment and fall of Mercury (dispositor of part of divorce).
I think that based on receptions there wont be a breakup in the next 3 months. But I dont know about this applying trine between Moon and Sun? Does that mean something good is going to happen, or does that give a yes to my question, so a breakup?
Thank you in advance!


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It looks like a difficult time between you with him/Venus moving away from you/Mars and the hard square aspect that your significators just had. Now your sigs do not apply to aspect, they do not come/stay together.
He/Venus is exalted and angular, so strong in this matter. You/Mars are triplicity ruler of Venus. And you are in the term of Venus which makes me think the matter may play out more on his terms?
Moon does apply to trine Sun as its next aspect which is favorable. It is hard to ignore, tho, that it's not a happy Sun in its detriment, and it doesn't like Moon which is in Sun's fall.
So not sure.
With all the back and forth, it may be the lack of aspect between Venus or Moon with Mars that gives me the most concern.
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