will we be together soon


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Hi. I asked question will we be together soon, and i got this chart. I am Venus, he is Mars. Venus and Mars are in conjuction in my first house in Scorpio. I am in detr. , he is in dom. Moon(my coruler) is in my 12th house in Libra, and will soon conjuct Sun(his Coruler). Sun is approaching my ascendant.What does that mean? Will we be together soon? And how soon? Please help!I know i am annoying about this, but it is realy, realy important:(


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I get a No you wont be together soon.

No applying aspect betweens signifers, you have just left each other and then you turn away (retrograde) from him.

No applying aspects with the Moon or signifers.

I see some communication between the both of you though. Moon applies to Mercury, his 3rd. Its in a bad place though. You might receive something from him.

Then Mars meets with Jupiter in a couple of weeks, the ruler of your 3rd. Jupiter is retrograde and also not performing well. He receives communication from you.

He is in your 1st house, so that means he thinks of you, or was thinking of you.