Will they marry?


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A friend's daughter is very much in love and they seem so very united, but every time the thought pops into my mind about when they will marry, it comes out negative. This seems so strange to me, they look like a devoted lovely couple.
I have no connection with this couple, aside from wishing them well, I am a friend of her father. So, will they really marry as things look?
Uranus near the 7th cusp is generally not a good sign, especially in a relationship chart, and 7th ruler Venus approaches an opposition to all the Capricorn planets, Jupiter Saturn Pluto. What is that all about?
If I exclude myself from the chart and they are descendent/ascendent, the two significators Venus and mars approach a square with no reception. However, moon, debilitated in scorpio, is on the ascendent and approaches a trine with 7th ruler Venus.
If we use different houses, my friend would be 11th, and his daughter would be the 5th from the 11th, so the 3rd. And here we have the Venus opposing Jupiter/saturn/pluto on the axis. However here we have moon trine Venus and sextile the Capricorn planets, ending with Saturn who rules the 3rd.
I inserted two marriage asteroids. Juno in the marriage sign of libra sits near the cusp of the 12th house and approaches an opposition with mars. Vesta is elevated and trines Chiron in the 5th. Chiron in the 5th! That's no happy placement for a marriage chart!
The Part of Marriage falls at 16 Capricorn, conjunct Jupiter and opposing Venus.
Any thoughts about what might be going on here?
Will this marriage take place?


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Looking at the midpoints of specific planets, there are two that don't look good for a marriage taking place. Venus applies to oppose Neptune/Asc midpoint and Uranus on the Dsc applies to oppose Saturn/Mc midpoint.

Venus=Neptune/Asc would be about one of them wanting more from the relationship than the other, hoping it will go towards marriage, and feeling its more than it is, but the feeling is one-sided.

Uranus=Saturn/MC would be about a sudden separation between them because of the above fact.

So even though im only taking into account midpoints, im getting a negative answer the same as yourself.

I wasn't inc you in the chart.


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Thanks, Chrysalis.
I seems so unbelievable to me, if you see them they are such a close couple, so in love.
My original thoughts were simply When they would marry, but I kept coming up with not a date but a negative.
Life and destiny sometimes are so unexpected.
Thinking about it, it is usually she who is expressing herself more openly, and we see Uranus on his house so maybe it will be him.


I am really not qualified but if you follow the basics rules of horary without messing too much in details (which is easier for me as I am not an astrologer lol):
1. Square between the 2 significators means no
2. Venus (the guy) is in house 8th opposites outer malefic planets Saturn and Pluto: external obstacles? or meet somebody else (trine Moon and Sextile Uranus
3. Mars (the girl) also squares the big s*t Pluto/Saturn and is in house 6th (deseases...)
Maybe somebody sick explains why they don't marry... (houses 6th and 8th) or the guy may just meet someone else? But there is a grand trine and a rectangle that might symbolize a nice relationship where energies flow well and define a good friendship no matter what the outcome.


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Catimini, you made some good points here.
I've looked at their synastry. Unfortunately I don't have birth times, so nothing about the ascendent/descendent axis, and not able to exactly pinpoint the moons.
However, they were born only 8 days apart, she being the older one.
They have the outer planets logically all conjunct, but her mars is exactly conjunct his mercury.
Her moon conjuncts his North node, but his moon doesn't relate to anything in the chart. He's not emotionally connected to the relationship.
The 6th house may have to do more with work situations than illness.
In the composite, Uranus/neptune/moon are conjunct and square mercury/jupiter.
Venus is conjunct Chiron and they exactly square the nodes.
Today I also did a Tarot reading, and up comes her leaping into the relationship as the Fool, he as Ace of Swords thinking it all over about to have a moment of breakthrough, their relationship is Queen of Swords putting down boundaries, and 7 of cups as the future, choosing between lovers or between family and a lover.
Whichever reading we look at, even Chrysalis midpoints, the answer seems to come out the same, he will meet someone else that he chooses over her.
Also, his mars is in scorpio, and she is more muted in this sense, with Leo Venus and libra mars, not aspecting. Her Venus opposes her Saturn, so on the cool side, which doesn't match well with scorpio mars.
Her mars on his mercury may be driving him up the wall!
This is so surprising to me.
Thanks all, although I'm really sorry you've confirmed my suspicions.


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Hello ElenaJ,
I put a thread on the other similar chart.
For this one, I would use the 3rd (Her) and the 7th (Him) Turned chart.

Lots of good receptions between them
Her: Moon, JupiterR Fall and SaturnR own sign
Him: Venus

- Moon (Her) in Triplicity and Bound of Venus(Him) and Venus ruled by the Moon.
- Venus(Him) in the Exaltation of Jupiter (Her) and Jupiter (Her) in the Triplicity and Bound of Venus (Him)

The Moon(Fall) in her 11th of hopes trining him Venus on the cusp of her 7th, she is secretly dreaming of the great ceremony but she has fears about it (JupiterL1 ruling 12th. And the Moon will sextile JupiterR bringing the opposition together. With delays.

Mars in her 4th squaring her planets in the 1st, she should be cautious regarding family, domestic affairs and properties, especially involving friends or partnerships (Mars ruling her 11th).

Kind regards,


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Why would you use the 7th for him, rather than the house opposite the 3rd (she in the turned chart)?

Added note, thinking about the situation, I began wondering if her mother, very overbearing woman, might be one reason for the future groom to back off. And in fact you make reference to mars in her 4th, her mother is well described here.


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Why would you use the 7th for him, rather than the house opposite the 3rd (she in the turned chart)?
Because of their status, they are not married yet. I use the turned 5th (Taurus) to represent him but he happens to be on the cusp of her 7th!!!
Besides a 'spouse', the 7th can represent 'anybody' but he is not 'anybody', he has a standing in her head.



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Because of their status, they are not married yet. I use the turned 5th (Taurus) to represent him but he happens to be on the cusp of her 7th!!!
Besides a 'spouse', the 7th can represent 'anybody' but he is not 'anybody', he has a standing in her head.


I agree that she could be the 3rd (5th of the 11th, my friend's daughter), but then he should be the 9th (7th from her), as her partner.
In a horary chart asking whether two persons would marry, the 1st and 7th would normally be used, regardless of the couple not being married. The 7th represents the partner in a relationship.
The 5th represents a love affair, which does not become a long lasting relationship, like a legalised marriage.


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The 5th represents a love affair, which does not become a long lasting relationship, like a legalized marriage.
The question is 'Will they marry?'
And the quesited (5th) happens to fall in her 7th!!!
It is a big plus to become a 7th House person next time around!



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they will not marry.
If she is Saturn and he is Moon: Saturn/mars square with mixed mutual reception. Mars is the dispositor of part of divorce. Saturn and Moon are receiving Mars in better dignities than each other. The Moon/Saturn sextile at the end doesn't help much.
If she is Venus and he is Mars: Moon in applying trine with Venus looks promising. Part of marriage is in virgo and Venus approaches a sextile with mercury but this will be prohibited by the opposition of Venus to Jupiter (dispositor of pod) and Saturn (natural ruler for separations). +Mars/Saturn square.
In both cases, there aren't strong indications that they'll marry. Anyhow, he's definitely not her 5th house ruler.


Strange to see that with different methods or eyes, 3 out of 4 have the same final answer. It would be nice to have feedback a few months/years later when the outcome in real life has happened to be able to confront predictions and reality.
BTW I posted a synastry I struggle with alone since 3 months in the relationship astrology forum. If somebody has a few minutes to catch an eye on it I would be grateful, no need to enter into too much details, just a first feeling would help me. There are a lot of conjunctions between personal planets but not so many other kind of aspects, the other ones coming from outer planets.


Just a try, I see her as the Saturn and the guy the Venus. My gut feel also tells that this guy might see someone else. His 5th house falls over two houses Virgo/Libra. I take mec as this girl from the guys 5th and the cusps is at the very end of Virgo may mean her time as his gf is ending soon and a new one gonna popup in his life and he will marry the new one where moon is in his 7th connects to the new girl (Venus)

I wanted to mention here that the Pluto/Saturn in her house does not always have to mean that they may get diseased but there might be a big change in her life without her will that she will have to let him go for her own good someway forced by the fate!


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Honestly, I've since done a couple more charts, one actually this morning, and they keep coming up negative.
A Tarot reader said they will indeed marry.
The wedding is scheduled for May 27th.

I can post this morning's chart.


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I am the querent, asking the question.
The 7th is my friend/partner, whose daughter is the 5th from 7th, which is the 11th ruled by Aries and mars, with Chiron about to enter the house.
Venus and mars are the significators, separating. And approaching a square to Uranus and a conjunction with Saturn.
Uranus is in the 11th.
The Part of Marriage is at 21 sagittarius, almost exactly square Neptune.

If instead we use 7th and 1st as the houses, with the reason that I am asking about her, then moon and Saturn are the significators.
Moon in virgo (which already says something! The virgin!) will oppose mercury of documents and contracts.
Saturn is Void of Course, and has no aspect or reception with moon.
We also have mars in the degree of the ascendent/descendent, and Chiron squaring the ascendent/descendent.
Because the ascendent/des change when we re-assign the houses, the new Part of Marriage is at 5 gemini, square the moon (who is one of the significators).

So, are they really going to marry on May 27th?


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You are not qualified to ask the question. Horary questions only exceed the 50/50 chance of certainty when they are deeply personal ones only applying to the questioner and which have deep importance to them in knowing it. And the same question can be only asked once. Anything else is a perversion of the principles of how horary works. MY opinion and Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson’s, of course.

Sorry, I do have a personal interest in the question.

You are correct, however, the question shouldn't be asked over and over, but can be repeated if something in the situation changes.
In this case, a specific date was set for the event, which changed things.