Will there be a third world war?

Can there be a world war 3 ?

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Re: Virinchi sir

Conflict and humanity are married, so yes, there will be a WW3 and many more, should we make it another 500 years.

When that happens is anyone's guess. Though, echoing what Chia said, we could already be or have been in WW3 for awhile now. Information wars have only increased as the internet has become more accessible.


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Agreed. Why would commies nuking its adversary when they can even buy em off or imposing many things such as white power, black power, gender ideology, etc. Perhaps there will be a gulag down in Cali, bro?


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3 possibilities: The state of CA racialized in 3 decades literally breaks down, then the whole US are in civil war (seems like that since the year 2000), and finally, the world has capitulated into a dozen year-developing global conflict that we currently see in Syria and Ukraine, or next, Taiwan and the Koreas.


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Nah, we Americans are too obese for all that! I want my Netflix and my chips, brah!
a PROXY WORLD WAR3 - honesty and truth prevailing - Russian diplomats are skilled :)
Fortunately Lavrov is a class in his own league
Very profesional and balanced diplomat.

Sergei Lavrov is a consummate professional, a formidable diplomat
- probably the best in the world at this moment
Sergey Lavrov is a master of his craft

Bakhmut RETREAT Begins :)

Lavrov Goes BEAST MODE

comparing Lavrov to his opponents
- it's like comparing kittens to Lions. He towers above them in intellect, morality and wisdom.

only solution for Americans is to divide each state
according to race, language, religion, heterosexuals, homosexuals, transgenders, and all other 72 + genders



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In the case of Ukraine PROXY WORLD WAR3 Kiev regime
the conflict with Russia has generated great wealth
millions of dollars of which
the USA has allocated to Ukraine are in accounts in Europe in favor of Zelensky and the Kiev clan
- how is GREEDY GREEN$CREEN COMEDIAN ZELEN$KY not going to want to sacrifice his soldiers in Bakhmut
if it is the business that has generated the most wealth for these Ukrainian leaders !!