Will the lawsuit have a positive outcome?


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My sister has a lawsuit with the board of the Apartment she lives in. There was a lot of lead in the walls of the entire house, impacting the toddler they have. Also no gas connection for 2 years, so they had to order in each day or do some bit of cooking with an electric stove. The vendor appointed by the board caused more damage to the apartment, and also at a point tried to steal few things from the house. Board refuses to pay to fix the damages. Based on this they have gotten into legal complications. And she asked if the legal suit will have a positive outcome for her?
My sister asked the question. She will be the ascendant.
To start with I see Moon right at the orb, so Void, however, Moon still may still have functionality in Sagittarius. She is Jupiter, not surprised to see her in the 2nd house of finances. Jupiter is moving into Pisces, so things may improve.
Another party is strong, Mercury in its own house. Sun in 12th is obviously some kind of deceit, hidden intentions they come with.
10th house ruler/Judge sits with Mercury, so it is quite likely the lawsuit may go in the board’s favour. Also, the 4th house ruler/Mars, is in the fall, so the outcome may not be really positive.
Please let me know if I am on the right track.


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