Will some sort of relationship develop between me and my coworker?


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Although know that dating a coworker may not be the best idea there is a lot of sexual tension between me and a coworker and just feel like something happening between us is inevitable. Can someone share some insight? Please & thanks.


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I'm not quite sure of what type of relationship you are refering to.



3)or is it heterosexual etc.????

But horary Artists ought to read what Lillys says about Rectrograde Asc., rulers!

Nice to see it when horary students are demonstrating by much work that they are working on the horary themselves!:biggrin:

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As William F. Lilly was originally ambitious to become a clegy member would he answer all queries and one of this nature as found in CAI, in his intro "To the Student of Astrology?"


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And should we :surprised: consider what Robert Hand is stating as in:


Clinton Garrett Soule

Wise men truly know how little they know

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(Following is not in accordance with standard horary practice and uses whole sign house format)

-querent = 1st house = Aquarius = Saturn
-co-worker = 3rd house = Aries = Mars
-the Part of Love and Romance (ascendant+jupiter-venus) falls @ 19 Capricorn
-both significators (Saturn, Mars) flow away from the POLR
While Mars flows toward Saturn and Saturn retrogrades toward Mars, showing a likely growing closeness between querent and co-worker, the movement of both significators away from the POLR (which is also posited in the cadent 12th whole sign house of the chart) indicates (by my methods) that the situation will probably not develop into one of love and romance, over the near to intermediate future.

Suppose instead of using the 3rd house (for the co-worker), we simply use the generic "other person" signifying house, the 7th, for the quesited? 7th house = Leo = the Sun; here, the Sun is in partile opposition to the Part of Love and Romance, indicating that such a development will be unlikely in the near to intermediate future.