Will Smith and Jada


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Is everyone ready for a Breaking News on Libra?

Will Smith has a libra sun. With mercury/venus conjunct in libra.
Scorpio moon conjunct Neptune.

When libra gets unbalanced, it apparently really gets very unbalanced!

Attaching a synastry between him and Jada.


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Hello Elena,

Their composite is quite interesting with a big stellium with the Sun which is usually a good omen if it is strengthened by other aspects which it is, and a really nice stellium with the Moon. But Uranus is in the Sun stellium it and that suggest an unconventional relationships or anon-again-off-again or open marriage?

I wish I had Jada's TOB.


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Elena, I just looked at the synastry that you posted and it does have a TOB for Jada. Using that TOB they have several good aspects between their luminaries and luminaries and Ascendants which IMO are the best synastry aspects. It's really striking synastry.