Will she win a case?


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I have a problem with my previous roommate who was also my tenant. She left the flat a couple of months ago but refused to return te keys. I told her that she needs to return the keys and then I will return the deposit.
Someone called me today representing himself as her layer and threatening me. Telling me that I will have a criminal record. The guy only told is first name and the firm he is working for. He incidentally has the same first name as her boyfriend.
Should I be worried about this?
She wants the full deposit when she left the property in a bad state and has refused on more than 3 occasions to return the keys.
I do want to get this sorted, I am not trying to steal money from her but she has been trying to play sneaky.
She is ruled by Jupiter (6th house for roommates), I am Mercury and the legal matter is Saturn. I am leaving conjunction with Saturn and entering one with Jupiter. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius. The moon is in a square with Neptune (some kind of lie or a secret?)


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