Will she come to be with me


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Re: Will she come back to be with me

(Following is not in accordance with standard horary practice and uses whole sign house format)

-querent = 1st house = Scorpio = Mars
-quesited = 7th house = Taurus = Venus
-quesited Venus flows toward querent Mars = + testimony (and is within 1 degree of the orb I accept for applying trine, ie I accept a 5 degree orb for this aspect, chart has a 6 degree orb)
-querent's co-significator Moon flows toward quesited Venus = + testimony
-quesited Venus in querent's 8th house = - testimony
-querent significator Mars in querent's 12th whole sign house = - testimony

2 + testimonies, 2 - testimonies: at this time (by my method), regarding the near to intermediate future, best I can do is say "maybe" (50/50 proposition) ...