Will Saturn Return Ruin Relationships?


Specifically if you have saturn in the seventh...what happens then? Will it ruin any relationships you have? I have saturn in seventh and don't know if that means that if i ever get in a relationship, it will get ruined then. Can the effects on relationships be diminished by growing as a person in advance?


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I think in general, working on yourself and self growth are positive routes to take before your Saturn return.

My sister has Saturn in the 7th. Before her Saturn return, her boyfriend left her. Now a year after her return, they are living together ...

So it just helped move her relationship to the next level.


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Saturn offers challenges and obstacles to effect growth and maturity in the arena of life that the house governs. In this case it would refer to relationships with the other.


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I think natal Saturn in the seventh house experiencing a Saturn return would probably only ruin and prevent you from successfully having a string of exciting lovers. I imagine you might actually cringe from that idea anyway.
I think that the placement and transit will test a relationship to ensure it’s solid. If it isn’t, it won’t work out. If it is, your relationship will deepen and strengthen, this will be someone you can rely on and turn to when times get rough.