Will our family be happy and successfull in new land?


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Hello all,
We as a family are considering leaving the current country to be moving to another country, to live off grid.
We work from home as crafters.
I would love some help to interpret my horary chart please.
My question is:
Will we as a family be happy and successful in Sintra?

Thank you.


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I have almost no experience with horary.
Should I look for ruler of the 4th (family, home) and also ruler of 2nd or 10th? As my question refers to success in our home based business.
The moon is in the 10th (career) is that positive?
Would really love to have some help to interpret the answer.


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Ruler of the 1st is Jupiter, it's moving towards the Moon. Jupiter and moon are trine.
Does it mean a positive answer?

4th current location, ruler Mars, in 12th house.

Regarding 7 moving, I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean 7th house?

Tikana, thank you so much for helping.


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I think that I made mistake interpreting.
Jupiter (ruler of 1st) is moving away from Moon (question).
Does this mean negative answer?


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I dont like this new place ...i think current location is

Thanks for the answer.
Is it possible to write what brings you to that conclusion?

I rather not bc this is learning forum. Please find relocation "guidelines" anywhere written directly by Lilly,Frawley,pick any of them and try to figure out is a new location better than old one.