Will my son be accepted in this new "premium" school?


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Ishwara ~*
you are 1st house jupiter ruled and your ruler is in your 5th which indicates you are personally attached to 5th accolades. Sorry, I'm not buying your personal image disinterest in this question or now-determined "wrong word" PREMIUM. Royalty ~ Sun in 5th resonates to original question and subtext of horary question at time asked.
nonetheless, you described creativity of your son and to maximize his well being, I strongly feel you should not obligate son or yourself to a non-applying aspect of question.
He may be able to decide his own curriculum if you consider Waldorf type school or home schooling.
In the long run, you will both come out as Kings.

Lol, thank you for the morning giggles Mae, you're funny. A bit strong headed perhaps, but funny nonetheless.

"you are 1st house jupiter ruled and your ruler is in your 5th which indicates you are personally attached to 5th accolades."

If by "5th accolades" you mean hugs from my son for taking him out of a school that made him feel unhappy and unappreciated then yes, mea culpa, but otherwise you are simply making no sense. Please explain to me what kind of "Kingly" accolades you would see gain from seeking to get my son into a FREE PUBLIC school whose admission process is a lottery system? I just don't get it.

"I strongly feel you should not obligate son or yourself to a non-applying aspect of question.". Sorry but I have no idea what you mean by this sentence, would you mind clarifying?

We checked into Waldorf and really appreciated a lot of the principles, but their technology-averse attitude was a no go for us. Both my son and I are big fan of technology and its life-enhancing abilities. :smile: *As far as home schooling, I love the idea, but at this time my wife and I need to be working full time to keep the lifestyle (close to the beach in sunny CA = expensive) we chose...


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the king bestows gifts upon the messenger who tells him what he hopes to hear.
please check back with us next year and let us know how happy your son is at his new premium school? it helps us understand the subtleties of horary.

I am only keeping my word and doing what I said I would. The King in me sees it as a question of honor. I would've done the same thing had his answer been "sorry but I don't see it happening". But I am glad you took this opportunity to reminds us all how confident you are in your position in this matter. :smile:


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Thank you very much for your offer of the donation. If you wish to do it please choose something that is close to your heart.

Kind regards

Done. :)



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That is a wonderful charity. Thank you.

Yes, my personal favorite.

I also wanted to share with you the fact that I have since discovered no less than 7 similarities between my natal chart and my question's chart! :surprised:

1- Sun and Jupiter are both in the 5th (or nearly here, as per Lilly)
2- Sun and Jupiter are nearly exactly 14 degrees apart
3- Their midpoint is aspected within a degree or so by a transsaturnian planet from the first house (Pluto here, Neptune in my natal)
4- Moon is in the 6th in both charts
5- Moon and Mercury are in a close sextile.
6- Chiron is in first decanate of Pisces within 2 degrees of each other
7- POF is in 11th in both chart

Is that what they call a ratification extravaganza? :smile:

The only similarity I can see between my son's natal and this one is that the Sun is exactly on the 5th house cusp in both chart.

Fascinating. Anyways, I thought I'd share.



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UPDATE: Re: Will my son be accepted in this new "premium" school?

Since so many of you where so kind in answering my question, I want to share the outcome.

The school had told us that if my son was picked on lottery day, they would contact us the same day to let us know. When the day came and went without news, my wife and I were somewhat disappointed but still pretty hopeful that he would get on the waiting list and somehow get selected before the start of the school year..

Then, 5 days ago, we received a letter in the mail saying that he hadn't been selected on lottery day but that he would be #1 on the waiting list! Right there and then I KNEW he would be in no matter what. And indeed, yesterday, they call my wife and told us that someone had opted out and that he would be part of the 5th grade class!! :biggrin::big grin: So thank you all again for participating, and God bless!




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I am VERY happy for you! It is the correct place for your child. Thank you very much for letting us know the outcome. It helps me with my learning and my knowledge of astrology.

Kind regards

dr. farr

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Congratulations to you, your wife and your son!!

(Following concerns the Walis Magic 8 Ball divination method and is not standard horary practice; following uses whole sign house format)

In testing the experimental Walis Magic 8 Ball (a non-horary, mechanical astro-divination method) against this now known-outcome question, we find:
-that the 5th whole sign house = your son
-that the 9th from the 5th house = the school, and therefore is the quesited
-the 9th whole sign house from the 5th (the school) = Sagittarius = Jupiter = a "yes" answer according to 8 Ball "rules"
-therefore the Maic 8 Ball divination would have given a correct yes answer to this question, and I'll add this result to the "correct" column in my continuing testing of the Magic 8 Ball method here on AW.