Will my home business succeed?


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Recently, I had joined a home business MLM(Multi Level Marketing) opportunity. And I'm wondering if it will suceed :). I'm afraid of Moon on Algol and the Mars-Venus almost opposition kind of scares me on the 10th-4th axis. But hey, there's a bunch of supporting trines too ^^.


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AP, I am afraid it wont be too good. Moon is VOC and in the 8th house and Venus(you) is combust in your 4th house, the house where you want to have your business. Venus has left the trine to the ruler of the 4th, retrograde Saturn in the 12th and the Sun also left that trine + what you yourself also mentioned, I am afraid it wont take off. Sorry!

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Hi! There are MLM which failed and succeeded, I guess, what matters with MLM is that first, you should know the product to sell, 2nd you should still be on top of the levels. I have tried several in the past though.