Will K win over D?


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I am looking for outcome of game played between K and D. I read while delineating such question I should look for houses 1,2,5,7,8 and 11. Can anyone help how to make connections between these houses and make prediction? Chart is attached.


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First, in chart upon question we do not use rules as for the event chart of the match. In this type of chart we look ruler 1st house for the team you like and ruler of 7th house for the team you do not like. Frawley explain that in his book "Sports astrology". Then you look if some of the rulers has some aspect with another planet in orb +/-3 degree.

Then look if that planet which aspect ruler is essential dignity or debility. If that planet which aspect ruler for example is peregrine that harms ruler. If it is in detriment ofr fall it harms ruler.
Only if ruler, not ASC or DSC is in conjunction with N.Node that helps ruler o lot!!

I have no time to look at your chart but I hope these rules will help you a lot to know who will win. Good luck.