Will I transfer to the new position smoothly and fit in the new team?


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I recently received an offer to a new team at my organization. The opportunity looked good and I took the offer but I am not quite confident about the transition and about fitting in and also the work will be totally new to what I am used to (quite a new field of work to me).
My question is if my transfer to the new position would be smooth and if I would fit in.
Here's the chart:

Link to the chart:

The degrees are a bit late - Asc. is Virgo so I am Mercury, but the ruler of the 10th house is also Mercury so I guess I should be Moon then. Sun and Mercury are both in Cancer but given the degrees I guess Merc is not combust by the Sun.

I am a bit concerned by the Moon-Square-Neptune aspect, will that mean I would be disappointed or something not turning out to be what I expected?
Merc is in Cancer, so reception wise Merc likes Moon or vice versa? Moon is in a cadent house though and not dignified, so I guess I might not be really a good fit for the job? Or am I in a powerless position to control the outcome of the transition from my part?

I am sorry if the above interpretation sounds absurd but I haven't been in touch with anything astrology for quite a long time. Hope to hear what you think.

Thank you and stay safe!:smile: