Will I see him this weekend?


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Hey all! Been a while since I visited :biggrin:

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We've been dating for 8 months, and we don't get to see each other very often. He recently got an apartment and I am hoping to visit this weekend :whistling:, because yesterday's plans were canceled for reasons unknown. If extra background info helps, I can't move in with him permanently until I get a job.

The two significators (Sun = me, Uranus = him) make no major aspect, but I see other influences that I'm not sure about.

Mars and Saturn in the 4th - he does not wish to come to my house, for good reason: I live with 2 other people who can be really negative and annoying.

Neptune in the 7th - Deception? Maybe I'm not seeing the big picture? Alternately, Neptune can represent whole-hearted, selfless love, so that may be a powerful influence.

Leo rising - the Sun (my significator) in the 10th house, 4th house from the 7th, perhaps representing my beloved's place of residence... and also conjunct Venus. I think there is definitely a chance here! :D

What do you think?

(It's been a while, so my judgment may be rusty, but I tried my best. :tongue: And I feel outer planets can/should be used in horary, so I included them here.)
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Oops! :surprised: Here it is.

Love your avatar btw, that's cute :3


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