Will I see him again?


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I'm asking about an ex-lover. It's been more than three years since we last saw each other. We haven't talked either. He moved to another country but has a community of friends in my city. I asked if we'll see each other again. As you can see, I'm not over him yet :')

In the chart, I'm Mercury R (pretty obvious) and he's Jup in Aries. There is an distant applying square between each other and can't see any prohibition in the middle. But I don't know if the square could indicate a prohibition per se, besides the common delays or frictions that I usually associate this aspect with. I didn't ask about love or anything, just the actual fact of seeing each other.

Mars sextiles Jup before the square. It could be him seeing another man or...? 3rd of communications? Also Moon's next aspect is a trine to L12 Sun (an unknown person?), and an opposition to Neptune after that (why am I fantasising about what we had?)

Well let's see if someone has a more clear perspective on this..thanks!


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