Will I relocate abroad within the next 5 years?


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I applied to a university in India last year because of an ex-boyfriend & now, I'm here feeling pretty stuck, bored, restless & lost. I've been thinking on & off of saving money & taking a flight to Tibet in December. But I'm having second thoughts about the venture primarily because I can't even count in Tibetan or Bodish & second, because I'm very very fickle & lazy. Moreover, I intend to get a post-graduate degree from a university in France or Switzerland :love: but that won't happen in another 2 years.

I can kill to get out of this place.
So I ask, Will I move abroad within the next 5 years?

My Significator is Saturn, retro, exalted, in the fiery path but conjunct Spica, in the 9th.
The quesited's Venus in my 5th, retro.

Moon, my co-significator, is in Aries, peregrine but in it's house of joy.
It will sextile Venus in 0'41.
However, Moon is in Venus' detriment.
What further concerns me is it's last aspect. It's an opposition to Saturn. eeks. :eek:

Does that mean I'm going nowhere? :sad:
Thanks in advance :smile:


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I'm sorry about the chart above. It's a day ahead. This is the right one.


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(Following is not in accordance with standard horary practice and uses whole sign house format)

-querent = 1st house = Aquarius = Saturn
-quesited (moving) = 7th house = Leo = Sun
-Sun flows toward querent Saturn (and Saturn retrogrades toward Sun) = + testimony
-Moon flows toward Sun (moving) and Venus (long journeys) = + testimony

All testimonies are +: Answer, therefore, is yes...
-lord of 9th whole sign house (long journeys), Venus, retrogrades toward Sun (moving) and querent Saturn retrogrades toward Venus = + testimony
-querent Saturn is in the 9th house of long journeys = + testimony