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Hi.I am curious about will i publish a book of poems, wich i have been writting for years.So my question is will i publish a book, and will it be successful. Ascendant is in Gemini, and i have Moon in first house in Cancer. Mercury is in my 5th house in Virgo in opposition to Jupiter.10th house ruler , Saturn is in my 5th house too in conjuction to Sun. I have no idea what that mean. Please help:(


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I have Horary book from Anthony Louis but didn't read yet, I know only that publishing belongs to the 9th house. Ruler of your 9th, Saturn has no connection with you, Mercury.

Here is the link about publishing:
http://moonvalleyastrologer.com/horary_astrology.htm -

I was asking the same question but the answer was NO. That doesn't mean, you can't repeat the question after few months again.