Will I pass my STD testing

I am serious having anxiety. Dumb decision on my part and have learned my lesson because I don’t ever want to be worried like this again!! Side note: I DO get bacterial infections every so often which is a normal thing many people can get. And they do sometimes test for that additionally although I’m not sure if they will. But thought I’d mention that if that helps in any way for the chart. Anyways I casted this chart:


So I tried to figure out myself but I don’t know horary all that well but I looked at someone else interpret a chart for the same kinda question and they looked at lord of 8th house which they said ruled sexual organs and then also lord of the 6th house of illness. So for 8th house it’s Saturn because 8th house is in Capricorn and mercury for 6th house ruler. Both these signs are in their own house and do not make an aspect to each other and don’t aspect eachother for a long time it seems. They’re both in their dignity which is good right?? Also ascendant is gemini so a mutable sign. If this does represent me it represents which I read somewhere means something that is changeable which means to me something curable assuming they found anything (knock on imaginary wood though lol). Which could also be the bacterial infection I mentioned above which is something that can go away on its own. The ascendant does make a minor aspect to the ascendant which maybe means the bacterial infection or maybe minor aspects don’t matter? So I want to say no I don’t but that I could have a bacterial infection which isn’t an std but I don’t know if I’m reading right 😩😩

EDIT: Hah! Actually I was wrong Mars in the sixth house ruler or is it Pluto because it’s in Scorpio?? Well Mars squares Saturn and Pluto squares Saturn both in separating aspects. Mars is in its own sign though As is Saturn which I’m not sure if that makes it better even if they’re squaring 😩
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