Will I move to Rome with him?

Background: I started dating this guy in May and recently we decided to go to Rome and study at University together. We both live in Southern Italy by the way.

There are a few concerns about us passing the entry test to access the University we both want to go to. Plus it’s hard to find a house for us both and i don’t feel fully secure in our relationship (he hasn’t asked me to make it serious yet.)

My question is Will I move to Rome with him?
This chart seems promising as Jupiter rules the 9th house and the Moon (my significator) is conjunct the lot of fortune, it’s in an angular house and it forms a trine with Jupiter.

The only thing concerning me is the 1st house ruler (Moon) squaring the 5th house ruler (person I’m dating, dignified Mars)

Also Mars (person I’m dating) is in the last degrees of Aries. He is in a stronger position, since Mars is in Aries, but his condition may worsen soon. (Mars is about to enter Taurus, its sign of detriment.)

What do you guys think?


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Saturn rules the 9th house - not Jupiter. The Jupiter trine to Fortune is also separating. Your Moon is in aversion to Saturn (L9) which leads me to believe you will have issues getting into that school. Since Saturn also rules the 7th, it also speaks to obstacles to your living space partnership. There may be other opportunities to be together with the Sun//Moon mutual reception but I can't really see what that might be about.