Will I move abroad this year?


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its hard to read a chart when we can't see degrees, we don't know if planets are still applying or separating. Please provide a chart from astro.com



Where is the chart of the question, have you appointed a specific time for it's most important inception? Must have a whirl of concentrated desire/energy developed into an appointment by time..to perceive it's offing.

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Anyone please

I don't know about this year, but with Moon opposition Jupiter (which rules the 5th embassy and paperwork 3rd) I think you may have rejection for a visa or some problems at least initially.

I think you will move eventually, when I do not know. The aspect between Sun and Saturn is prohibited by Jupiter, so there will be some delay.


Thank you for posting it again..will contribute a bit should I see anything extra the other's haven't already addressed..don't think I will see anything different

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dr. farr

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(Disclaimer: Following is not in accordance with standard horary doctrines and uses whole sign house format)

-querent = 1st house = Leo = Sun significator
-subject matter (moving abroad) I take as 2 houses: 4th house (home) and 9th house (travel to a foreign place, including possibility of moving to the foreign place)
-4th house = Scorpio = Mars significator
-9th house = Aries = Mars significator

-querent (Sun) flows toward Mars significator (Mars as lord of the 4th and 9th houses) = + testimony
-significator Mars is in its dignity (rulership) in Aries = + testimony
-relationship of Sun to Mars is not marred by - aspect
-Moon flows away from both Mars and Sun = - testimony
2 + and 1 - testimony = a "probably yes" answer to the question; however, the Moon flowing away from significators Sun and Mars, indicates very likely delay in fulfillment of this question; aggressive action (Mars as lord of 4th and 9th houses) and fixity of will (Leo as querent signifying sign) with fixed determination to achieve the goal of moving abroad-even in the face of time delays-will be necessary for this outcome to be manifested in a timely manner...
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i am not seeing this move at all

jup is in the middle of sun/saturn

there is def a drive for it Moon in 9th and sun is in 7th (removal)
but sun is extremely weak to make any changes
mars rules your 4th house is not moving out of aries any time soon - another No
then saturn is coming up for a retro soon - again no


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I just want to try this out with a sidereal chart as well, just for comparison.

In sidereal chart you are the Moon and your aunt is probably Mercury (3rd). Jupiter is 9th ruler, placed in 3rd house.
Your auntie feels insecure I think, she is in her sign of detriment.
She has just recently squared Uranus (movement) and is about to square Jupiter. She wants to move I think, but there are some issues to be resolved.
You are moving through the 9th house and 9th ruler, Jupiter is also about to enter your 4th house. Your 4th house ruler, Venus is also moving through 9th house, where it is exalted. This shows a clear indication to me that you do want to move abroad.

I think you will move abroad, yes... but there are some issues to be resolved first, since Jupiter turned retro just after you asked the question ... but it will move into your 4th in september. I think maybe 8-10 months ... so you move by the end of this year.